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Posted On Wed, June 30, 2021, 4:42 PM
The Elbyan is the Most-Trusted online educational website, founded over 30 years ago.

The Elbyan is the Most-Trusted online educational website, founded over 30 years ago. Since its foundation, this place has been helping people gain proficient knowledge about Islam, its core value, and beliefs. They aim to provide the best structured Quran & Arabic learning experience to all ages.

Being great at providing knowledge, Elbyan has successfully managed to provide Quran learning classes, Hadith, Arabic, and Islam values, the right way to perform wudu, one-to-one online Arabic course for beginners, modern standard Arabic courses, etc.

Here is a closer look at some of the Top courses offer by Elbyan Quran learning site.

Online Arabic courses for beginners

Suppose you are searching for a proficient educational site that services in the UK and worldwide, then Elbyan is a straight answer. With the help of high-profile, qualified, and skilled tutors, they provide easy and one-to-one online Arabic lessons for beginners via skype. The courses promise a flexible learning experience and a complete understanding of the language in less time.

Besides, they have kept the enrolling simple to help people connect with tutors, enjoy learning and make payments easily.

Online Tajweed course
The Elbyan believes there’s no age limit to learn tajweed for Quran and thus, participate in the same by providing tajweed courses to children and adults of all levels and ages. They focus on making a tajweed platform that is easily accessible for beginners. If you are searching for a place to learn with tajweed under the guidance of experienced tutors then, Elbyan is the name you can trust upon.

Online Quran lessons
Quran learning requires the right guidance from experienced tutors to recite and learn Quran in the best possible way. The professional tutors at Elbyan aim to provide an easy Quran learning experience for Arabic and Non-Arabic speakers in the UK and worldwide. During the Quran lessons, you may expect correct Quran pronunciation, translation, tajweed, learning, Hadith, principles of Islamic values and believes, and so on.

Elbyan offers the first lessons free. To book a class, connect with them at today.

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Elbyan is a reputed online Quran tutoring website that offers easy-to-learn Arabic lessons to children and adults of all levels and ages. Our Arabic and Quran lessons include tajweed, Hadith, Quran learning and recitation, the correct way to perform the prayer, and wudu. Besides, our 30 years of experienced Arabic tutors also offer one-on-one education for better understanding.

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