Having Generated More Than 5K Motivated Seller Leads, Pittsburgh-based Team Offers to Help Other Investors

Posted On Wed, July 21, 2021, 11:28 AM
Bryan and Chad are experts in digital marketing and real estate investing. They are now offering to help fellow investors duplicate their tried and tested marketing strategies to generate motivated seller leads.

Bethel Park - Motivated-Leads.com calls all freelance real estate investors and wholesalers across the United States, offering to help them generate quality motivated seller leads. They’re limiting one investor or wholesaler per zip code to keep things fair.

Bryan and Chad have over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and have been involved in real estate investing for over five years. “We’re seasoned digital marketers who got into real estate investment as a hobby. Then, we realized that many investors do not know how to drive motivated seller leads,” says Bryan, Co-founder of Motivated-Leads.

These investors are getting cheap leads or not getting leads at all. The strategies they use aren’t tailor-made for the target audience. “We make sure our marketing message is straightforward and tells the seller what we do, i.e., we buy houses in any condition and location. Even the keywords we choose are direct and tell the seller what to expect when they call us,” he adds. This strategy has helped them generate highly targeted leads, getting almost ten times the average investor’s leads in their area. They were even able to give their extra leads away to fellow investors and wholesalers in their local Pittsburgh area.

“Ours is a stock Carrot website. We didn’t spend money on a fancy website. Instead, we focus on targeted marketing that helps build credibility and assures sellers that we’re local and there to help them,” adds Bryan.

The duo has decided to share their marketing strategies with fellow investors and wholesalers struggling to generate motivated leads. Unlike other investors who rely only on SEO, Motivated-Leads prefers a well-rounded, diverse marketing strategy. They use Facebook remarketing ads and PPC in addition to SEO to find motivated seller leads. Their techniques work because rather than running behind customers the team encourages motivated sellers to contact the investors, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Over the years, the company has generated over 5,000 motivated seller leads for their clients, with 95% of people closing the deal in the first month. They’ve been featured on Forbes, Inc., BiggerPockets, and Carrot.

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Motivated-Leads.com is a digital marketing agency for real estate investors. They help real estate investors and wholesalers find motivated seller leads. To learn more, visit https://motivated-leads.com/.

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