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Posted On Sun, December 05, 2021, 9:38 PM
The Flaire Shop designs bags out of pretty fabrics and vegan leather, and are consciously made.

Here’s a Kolkata-based brand that designs bags out of fabric and vegan leather in never-before-seen prints. Let go of your boring, monochrome bags and trade them for some colour, style, and uniqueness. The Flaire Shop brings to you a super-sassy range of bags in vintage check prints and pretty florals. From plaid checks to red roses, they have covered it all.

As mentioned on their site, their current collection is colorful, peppy and fun. The range of prints also have a distinct vintage feel to them. Vintage florals, Scottish plaids, pin checks etc. feature predominantly in this range. The label has launched handbags, sling bags, laptop sleeves and wallets in its first series of collections. As mentioned by their founder, Medha, “We have lot more designs in the pipeline right now and for all of them we are working with different sets of fabrics. We want our customers to look and feel different with our bags. When we designed our collection, we were not afraid of experimenting with colours and went all out in choosing different coloured vegan leather for each of our fabrics.”

All their bags are handcrafted, and hence takes a considerable time in making them. From drawing designs from scratch to stitching, it is a painstakingly long process for each pattern and design to see the light of the day. The bags are made by local artisans highly skilled at their craft. The pattern making and designing of the bag are completely done by hand, the only tools used are pen, paper, and scissors. Computerised designs and templates are not used at all. Once the pattern for each type of bag is finalised, the fabrics are then cut manually by a team of craftsmen and only the final stitching of a bag is done on machines.

You can find handbags, sling bags, laptop sleeves and wallets designed out of each type of a print. Their handbags are much loved and some of the bestsellers in the category include the Red Pins handbag, the Vintage Rose handbag, the Red Plaid handbag and the Sailor Blue Handbag. The cute and compact sling bags come a close second. These sling bags can carry most essential stuff needed to be carried (read mobile, masks, sanitizer, keys) with a secured zipped compartment inside. The laptop sleeve can store laptops up to 16” inch wide screen with separate sections for mobile, pens, stationeries, chargers etc. Their wallets come with 4 cash compartments and 8 card slots.

The brand enthusiastically takes part in fleas and pop-up markets held across the country. However, their website remains their main point of sale, as of now. Very soon, the label is looking to launch bags in different designs and style, to suit a varied range of consumers, young and old. Head over to to check out their entire collection.

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