Bollywood Journalist Kanika Saini Announces Her Second Novel ‘The Mumbai Monsoon’

Posted On Fri, November 26, 2021, 11:40 PM
Upcoming novel 'The Mumbai Monsoon' is an ode to Mumbai city and its undying spirit.

Bollywood journalist Kanika Saini has announced her new book titled ‘The Mumbai Monsoon’. The upcoming book is an ode to Mumbai city and its undying spirit. It is a story of three women- a sex worker, a leading Bollywood actress and a middle-class Punjabi girl and their extraordinary journey as they navigate dreams, desires and hardships.

Sharing details of her book, Kanika said, “This book is my ode to Mumbai’s spirit and the change it brings in people. Because that’s what it did to me.”

When asked the reason behind naming it ‘The Mumbai Monsoon’, she said, “Mumbai’s monsoon taught me that life never stops. And so, neither did the rain stop, nor did I. I followed my dreams, my passion and my happiness without thinking what the future might hold. Because Mumbai’s spirit is all about living in present and for yourself; free from people’s judgements and expectations.”

The book will be released on Amazon in December. The exact date of release is yet to be announced.

Kanika Saini had previously launched ‘The Day I Met Him: Not A Love Story’ which received rave reviews from book lovers. Kanika works as a senior writer at a leading entertainment portal. She has interviewed people like Gajendra Verma, Payal Dev, Saanand Verma, Abhilash Thapliyal, Kabir Duhan Singh and many other celebrities. 

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