CaniBrands Announces Inventory Clear Out and 55% off CBD Oil for Mothers’ Day

Posted On Thu, April 29, 2021, 1:00 PM

CaniBrands, a leading CBD products company, today announced an inventory clear out of its classic formulation of Cani-Boost 500 CBD oil. 

Just in time for Mothers’ Day, and at only $21.99, this affordable CBD oil is 55% off its regular price and one of the best CBD values on the market. 

Made from USA-grown hemp, third-party lab tested, and loaded with vitamins and nutrients, Cani-Boost CBD oil for energy includes: 

  • 500 mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Coffee bean extract, which increases dopamine production to create a feeling of alertness and wakefulness

  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil), which are fat molecules from coconut oil that, when absorbed into the bloodstream, turn into energy that your body can use. This promotes increased energy levels.

  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12), which is a water-soluble vitamin that increases the production of red blood cells. This promotes wakefulness and increased energy and endurance.

  • Vitamin D3, known as the "sunshine vitamin" because of its role in regulating mood. It serves an important role in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to support normal immune function.

  • 0% THC

  • Natural mint flavor

One Cani-Boost CBD oil bottle (30 mL) contains 30 doses (1 mL).

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation CBD products company specializing in the sports, fitness, and wellness marketplace. Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, Cani-Fresh™, and Cani-Sleep™ brands are "Better Together," combining CBD, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts. 

Customers and professional athletes say the products "really work" to support energy, focus, pain management, anxiety reduction, and sleep. Along with sublingual oils, softgels, topical balms and creams, CaniBrands provides an industry-leading line of convenient oral sprays that are easy to use and enable micro-dosing. 

A private company serving the USA via wholesale partners, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer sales, CaniBrands is setting the bar for quality in the nascent CBD market. CaniBrands' ecommerce platform and free home delivery system ships products nationally to thousands of customers coast to coast. 

CaniBrands partners with professional sports leaders and celebrities to advocate for an all-natural approach to health and wellness, and to further research and develop industry-leading products to support consumers. Learn more at

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