Sehat Sathi app is making local medical stores Online across India

Posted On Thu, December 31, 2020, 1:10 PM

Jaipur- 2020 has been a year of resilience and innovation wherein countries, companies and individuals have found ways to fight COVID 19 pandemic and minimise its impact on businesses and lives. The year called for new ways of thinking in all sectors including healthcare. From Doctors taking the tele medicine route, to maintaining access to medicines while minimising contact, to e-consultation in certain hospital procedures; digital and e-services have become extremely important. There has never been a more demanding need or call to drive innovative models for access to medicine.                                             

Sehat Sathiapp was launched for 6 lacs + local medical stores across India to enable them to provide access to medicines and healthcare services for millions of Indians. Through Sehat Sathi app, all medical stores in the state and the country are being made online so that they can provide services to consumers in their areas at the comfort of their home and governments are also cooperating in this innovation.

Talking about Sehat Sathi, Shreyans Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO says, “This is the time of global digitalization. The pandemic has also led to a shortage of doctors in the rural areas & small towns, adding to the woes of crores of Indians. Our integrated solution through our two apps – Aayu app and Sehat Sathi app, is an endeavour to bridge this gap and bring an effective and accessible healthcare ecosystem for every citizen of Bharat, on their fingertips”.

Sehat Sathi app presents an opportunity for Medical Stores to improve their reach and access to patients and grow even during the pandemic. Sehat Sathi app allows medical stores to get online instantly and receive orders from customers in their area on the app effectively increasing sales and earnings. Through this app, even medical stores can offer doctor consultations to their customers as well as sell “Aayu card” which is a family health plan subscription to customers that helps them to take consultation from specialists free of cost round the year from anywhere and anytime.

Sehat Sathi app connects the local medical stores to customers nearby where customers can simply place an online order of medicines as well as chat with the local medical stores. The medical store ecosystem is elegantly designed to connect the local pharmacies to the customers and facilitate healthcare services delivery for non-smartphone users. With Sehat Sathi, the visibility of these medical shops gets a boost among the nearby users. It is also a source of additional income for them.

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