Sludgd and Slop Discharge at all Indian Lanka Bangladesh and UAE ports

Posted On Sun, May 30, 2021, 11:23 PM
One window for all india ports

Universal Sludge India Pvt. Ltd. has taken a pledge that contributes a lot of a good deal to the country. Registered under Companies ACT 1956, this organization has proudly introduced them to be the only coordinating hub that provides easy as well as convenient discharge of sludge to all the ports of India. Their associate companies acquire a cumulative capacity of more than 37, 00,000 metric tonnes/ annum for uplifting sludge or used oil.

15 years of experience has finally paid off as this hub has cultivated some positive results. The efficient staff members at Universal Sludge India Pvt. Ltd., therefore, quickly identify the potential vessels and continue with the right coordination process. It helps the vessels to discharge the sludge at Indian port without facing any sort of hassles. This one-stop destination for sludge disposal.

However, to maintain a gesture, they in return offer complementary products such as - Film VCDs, Prawns (Sea Food), Recharge, Newspapers, etc. on advance intimations.   

Their services highlight some areas like – Sludge Discharge, Tank Cleaning, Slope Discharge, Bilge Water Discharge, IMO 2020 Regulated Services, and Provision Supply. Apart from India, Universal Sludge India Pvt. Ltd., is serving at all the major ports of UAE, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. To check in detail, browse 

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