5th Edition of World Coffee Conference & Exhibition comes to India for the first time

Posted On Thu, October 17, 2019, 12:00 AM
- 5th edition of World Coffee Conference & Expo to be held in Bengaluru from September 7th to 9th, 2020

International Coffee Organization (ICO) under the aegis of United Nations is organizing its 5th Edition of World Coffee Conference to be held at Bengaluru from September 7th to 9th 2020. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India will host the 3-day event themed, ‘Sustainability Through Consumption’ that will celebrate all things of coffee in an immersive experience with conferences addressed by international speakers, coffee exhibition, buyer sellers meets, competitions and awards, skill building workshops, amongst many others.

Coffee being the world’s most favorite beverage with 2.5 billion cups consumed every single day is produced in about 78 countries most of them belonging to the developing countries like Africa, Latin America and Asia. India is the sixth largest producer of coffee in the world, accounting for about 5% of world coffee production. With countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal accounting for almost 33% of the world coffee production Asia and consumption growing anywhere between 6% to 15% as against the world average of about 2% growth YoY Asia has become region of high importance in coffee business. Through this event, ICO and Coffee Board of India will look at ways to make Indian coffee a brand that is recognized world-wide and formulate ways to make India a sustainable destination for coffee.

Since Karnataka is the largest coffee growing state producing around 70% per cent of the total output of 319,500 tones estimated by the Coffee Board in 2018-19 comes from Karnataka. It is a great opportunity for the coffee fraternity to get associated with WCC 2020 to promote their brand, showcase new technologies and to grow distribution network with the biggest firms in coffee.

WCC 2020 will see participation of 78 member countries of International Coffee Organization of which India is one of the founding members. WCC 2020 will address the challenges that farmers across the world are battling with such as climate change, increasing cost of production and falling prices. World Coffee Conference will focus on economic, agriculture, commercial, environmental, social & cultural impact of Coffee.

Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education and IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka commented, “World Coffee Conference is a very important event for the State of Karnataka as we grow more than 75% of the coffee produced in the country. We also need to take this more seriously as it will address the concern of many players. It’s the maiden entry of this event in Asia and on behalf of our government I would like to assure that we will extend our full support to make this event a grand success. Furthermore, Karnataka being a technology hub, Blockchain technology can play an important part in the growth of coffee business in India. This event has the potential to become a showcase event for both India as well as Karnataka on the global stage.” 

Commenting on bringing this event to India, Mr. Jose Dauster Sette, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization said“I am delighted to be here for the curtain raiser event to announce our 5th edition of World Coffee Conference. This is the most important event on our calendar which marks the time when the ICO gathers all leading experts from across the world to discuss the most important challenges the world coffee sector is facing today. Asia is extremely important when it comes to coffee as coffee has been produced in the region for many centuries. In the past three decades the Asian share of world coffee production has grown from 16% to 32%.” Commenting further on why India is hosting this prestigious event, he said, “India is the world’s seventh largest coffee producer and is the fastest growing consuming market, known for growing both the commercial varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. Furthermore India has always taken an active role in our organization and was a founding member of the ICO, having joined us in 1963.”

Addressing the audience, Shri. M.S. Boje Gowda, Chairman, Coffee Board of India said, “It’s a good opportunity to introduce coffee grown in Karnataka to the people world over. It’s a privilege for the Government of Karnataka to host this event here.”

After four successful coffee conferences held in London, Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia, India will be the first ever Asian country to host the 5th edition of World Coffee Conference.

WCC Conference will focus on global best practices in Coffee production, new technologies, Coffee and Health. Global CEO’s meet will be a major highlight of the event where in it is expected that best of global coffee companies’ leaders will discuss ways to promote coffee consumption and address the issues pertaining to price crises. The participants will attend a host of Workshops on coffee Roasting, Grinding, Brewing of Coffee, Cooking with Coffee and son. There will be special focus on small farmers and special workshops will be conducted for them.

WCC Exhibition will attract many country pavilions from Latin America, Africa and Asia where in world’s best and unique coffees will be on offer. Coffee technologies and equipment from plantations to Coffee Roasting, Coffee dispensing for in home and out of home consumption will be on display. World’s leading coffee brands and café chains will be participating in the exhibition. The unique shade grown coffees of India will be showcased to buyers from across the world who will be participating. With the assistance of scheme under Ministry of commerce Govt of India Buyer seller meets will be conducted which will bring Indian coffee growers face to face with global coffee buyers, coffee brands and café chains for them to source their coffees from India, 

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