Virtual Mega Carnival

Posted On Tue, May 11, 2021, 4:26 AM

Virtual Mega Carnival 2021:

LaughaLaughi is hosting the biggest live carnival on social media with participants, writers, readers, and followers of over 48 social media groups and pages with a potential reach of about 50 million audience.

We understand that being at home can make one go crazy at times. To make them occupied we have taken the initiative to publish 40 different books involving 1200+ authors and editors under one umbrella i.e., the Virtual Mega Carnival.

Over 300 artists will be participating in different segments (Facebook and YouTube live) like recitation, music and socio-economic debates that will last for one month!

The event goes live on 15th May 2021 where we would be connecting with renowned authors like Shri Debabrata Singha, Shri Debesh Thakur, artists, and personalities like Shri Susanta Paul, Dr. Krishnendu Chatterjee etc to discuss about the current Covid situation in India and remedies across the world.

We hope that our initiative will help in amplifying the awareness and support to millions of people as supported by UNICEF India and WHO India, partnered with Facebook.


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Surya Shankar Roy

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