LetsDoThis India appointed Global Franchise Expansion Partner for Karim’s from Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Posted On Thu, September 09, 2021, 11:58 AM
More than a 100 years old Karim’s from Jama Masjid spreading to over 100 cities with their Global Franchise Partner LetsDoThis India
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Started in 1913, Karim’s Restaurant has earned an indisputable reputation the world over with its kebabs and curries, Nans and phirni, Vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies that are reminiscent of the royal dastarkhwans of the Mughal Royalty. With secret spice mixes and ingredients handpicked from the choicest of varieties, the delectable dishes, aroma and appeal have spell bound food connoisseurs for decades.

Celebrities, politicians, common people and the who’s who have traced their path into the narrow lanes at Jama Masjid to savour the mouth watering cuisine dished out one after another at the shop that started way back with a simple offering of Aloo Gosht and Roti. As the food preferences of the generation has evolved, Karim’s Restaurant has remained true to its age old traditional methods and preparation schedules to maintain the taste they are listed on everyone’s Delhi Travel Itinerary for.

Partnering with LetsDoThis India, Karim’s Restaurant made foray into the Karims’ Franchise business model to take the authentic tastes from the lanes of Jama Masjid to the world.

“People from the world over have been coming to us for years, even generations. It was time we reached out to the world. The global lockdown gave us the necessary time to evaluate and choreograph a business model that would ensure that the quality and flavours remained true to our name, and yet make business sense  toentrepreneurs wanting to become part of the Karims’ Family”, Says Haji Salahuddin, the patriarch who has preserved the culinary art of generations till date.

Designing the entire business model closely with the family, structuring a supply chain, logistics, financials as well shortlisting of prospective Karim’s Franchise partners was going to be a tedious task. LetsDoThis India, headed by Mr Jitender S Mehrok was identified to lead this enterprise of Karim’s Franchise.

He adds, “It was quite a moment. When we first started working on designing a Karim’s Franchise business model, maintaining the flavours, aroma, quality and authenticity of the famed cuisine was a challenge. But the Karim’s family was focussed and determined to move with the times and enthused our entire team across the country to believe in the true spirit of this business, which is more of a passion to us all today than commerce.”

In less than 25 weeks, this brand of more than 10 year legacy has grown its footprint pan India by 150% and is a sought after business opportunity by many young enterprising Indians.

“It is an established name undisputed in the category. Also, the new formats of Karims’ Franchise are lucrative. Quality control, authenticity of flavours and ingredients in the Karim’s Franchise by the family ensure that everything tastes just the same. We are confident of opening up more than a 100 outlets before end of Financial Year 2021”, adds Mr Mehrok, CEO and Co-founder of LetsDoThis India.

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