ZEVpoint’s ‘Neighbourhood Charger’ for Real Estate developers

Posted On Wed, October 28, 2020, 5:26 PM

Delhi: Following its vision of making India ready for E-mobility, ZEVpoint, India’s fastest growing E-mobility charging solutions provider, has been successful in developing turnkey customized charging solutions for Real Estate developers which has been need of the hour. Not every individual has the means or the resources to manage their own charging equipment, hence the onus falls on the developers to equip their facilities with charging solutions whether maybe at home or at office. Zevpoint has developed their unique solutions with continuous feedback from the developers making it easy to remotely manage the charging equipment with interactive app-based charger management.

“What we realized was, We don’t go to some other place to charge our laptops/mobiles and then wait for them to charge so why should we do that for a car?, hence we worked on developing solutions that catered to the needs of Real Estate Industry” said Mr. Akaash Jain, CEO & Founder at ZEVpoint E-Mobility.

ZEVpoint’s interest is not just providing the developers with the charging equipment but offers a unique proposition with their inhouse software solution to make it a ‘smart charger’. Giving it the name of “Neighbourhood Charger” with a full aluminium housing packed with features such as monitoring real time usage, analysing charging patterns, ensuring better safety by load management and much more.

With this offering, ZEVpoint aims to enable the Real Estate developers in Multifamily, Retail, Office, and Hospitality locations with an end-to-end EV charging network during the development phase, just like having any other parking facility.

With the ongoing EV revolution and people focusing more on availing modern facilities and tech-enabled homes as a part of their living experience, the EV charging stations will become an indispensable feature for any rented or owned property. Planning and designing EV charging infrastructure during the development phase will be a low-cost solution and turn out to be a differentiating factor for real estate developers in the current saturated market.

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