Karan Johar spill beans on co-hosting with this actor. Read to know more

Posted On Wed, August 18, 2021, 12:04 PM
Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar reveals that he doesn’t mind co-hosting the show with Ranveer Singh
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Well, ever since Bigg Boss OTT was announced, the show garnered a lot of eyeballs across the country and created an intrigue within audiences of India about the new format of the show, contestants and specially the host.

While everyone is talking about the sassiness that Karan Johar brought to the show, when asked who does he think will be a great co-host, Karan was prompt enough to say, ‘Ranveer Singh’. Karan added, “Ranveer is powerhouse of energy and entertainment in the Bollywood industry and is a treat to watch and interact with. He would fit in very well because … is OvertheTop, unfiltered, entertaining and be his real self which is what is required for the show.’

In a first of a kind reality show, Bigg Boss OTT will be stream exclusively on Voot for the first six weeks before it makes a television premiere. Would you wish to see Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh share a screen and host an episode?

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