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Posted On Thu, August 05, 2021, 12:42 PM
Sesame Access Systems offer a range of impeccably styled stairlifts available in various dimensions, rates, and designs.

Sesame Access Systems ( installs a variety of innovative DDA lift globally making wheelchair accessibility limitless. With their years of producing high-quality products, everyone can guarantee to have a lift that will last for decades.

This company provides state-of-the-art horizontal and vertically retracting lifts, such as stairlifts, platform lifts, custom lifts, and residential lifts. Such award-winning products are available in different rises, pit depths, and specifications and are compatible with both standing and wheelchair users. Each of their lifts comes with a year of warranty that includes a standard service check-up of system operations, hydraulic pipework, leakage, damages, and lubrication.  Numerous iconic properties and listed buildings have attested to the quality and reliability of their designs.     

Working with superb architects, they incorporate designs that match the geometry of buildings perfectly. Their customizable lifts have the approval of the English Heritage and Heritage Scotland in historical sites all over the UK. The invisibility of their products blends seamlessly in the fabric of buildings, protecting their architectural integrity. They have full compliance with British Standards and are also CE marked, establishing their availability and legality in the European market.   

Likewise, they follow the Machinery Directive which covers current safety standards in North America, Canada, and Germany. Their exceptional design teams consist of skillful engineers that deliver the best access solutions for people with impaired mobility. Their unparalleled talents and efforts have won them the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation last 2016.  Such a brand also educates technicians, engineers, and architects to attain a free CPD 07 certificate issuance through their webinars about Inclusive Environments.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, they have proven to provide outstanding services that had been recognized by the UK Design Council. The creativity, flexibility, and durability of their stairlifts earned them the Independent Living Design Award and a Millenium Product marquee. Clients like the Oxford University, Kensington Palace, Sydney Opera House, Cambridge University, Qatar National Library, Seattle Space Needle, Apple Store in France, and Knock Basilica in Ireland attest to their monumental commitment.     

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About Sesame Access Systems

Sesame Access Systems offer a range of impeccably styled stairlifts available in various dimensions, rates, and designs. They specialise in installing horizontal and vertically retracting DDA lifts that can accommodate wheelchair users. Coordinating with experienced architects enables them to establish invisible and innovative lifts that suit the symmetry of properties. By acquiring their products, you can guarantee that their standards will meet yours and the requirement of the law as well. If interested in availing of their products and services, you can fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may call their customer service hotline at 01784 440088 or send them an email at

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