has Launched Moblie Popcase Online for 100+ Models

Posted On Mon, October 18, 2021, 3:26 PM has recently launched a mobile phone case with popsocket online for more than 100 models in India. All the phone cases are available online and delivered to your doorstep faster.
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Mobile Pop Case

Gone are the days when the phone cases are available in limited colors and designs and functionalities. Today, phone cases are not just used to protect mobile phones and make them look attractive but also ease the handling of mobile phones. Keeping this in mind, Shoproom has launched a specially designed and stylish phone case with popsocket (popcases) to strengthen the grip of your mobile that reduces the chances of falling.

Available in a Wide Range

Made with premium materials, Shoproom popcases are available in a wide range from singles colors to pallets of various colors. No matter which color is your favorite, Shoproom has that color available for your mobile phone whichever you have. Our unique printing technology offers a smooth, attractive look, polished design, and perfect finishing. All the pop cases are scratch resistant and so, it stays as it is for a long time and keeps your phone looking attractive.

Deliver a Better Grip:

Shoproom popsocket is highly useful for large smartphones and make you feel comfortable while holding a phone in your hand. Easy to use the phone one-handed. Just keep the popsocket between your two fingers and that’s it. Your phone will not be dropped off. With our popcases, you can easily keep your phone steady with one hand only while taking beautiful clicks.

Selling the Popcases for 100+ Models:

Name a model, Shoproom has a popcase for it. In India, we have been supplying popcases for all the brands. No matter whether it is iPhone, Samsung, Xiomi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Google, or any other, Popcases are available in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.


Started in 2020, - mobile case online store has an extensive collection of more than 2000 unique products including phone cases, pop holders, mousepads, pop holders, mugs, and more. Shoproom is known for transforming ordinary products into a personal expression.

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Kumar Sinh

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