Catering Corner Shares Pre-Wedding Catering To-Do List

Posted On Wed, July 21, 2021, 12:11 PM

Weddings are special and a big occasion for everyone. Arranging a wedding function is never an easy job to do, it requires a lot of determination, dedication, and proper planning. The most daunting task when it comes to arranging a wedding function is finding the best wedding catering services.

Yes, it is true in today’s modern world a lot of catering service providers proclaim themselves as reliable and trustworthy service vendors. But in reality, we must look in depth for finding the best catering service offering a prolific wedding catering service that can satisfy all invited guests.

To ease the difficulties prevailing in picking the best catering service in nearby your location, Catering Corner plays a handy role.

Why Catering Corner?

Catering corner is a digital platform where you can find and engage with the best caterers around your region. The Catering Corner platform allows you to interact with the caterers and request a quote from them for your requirements.

In addition, you can view all those reviews and ratings done by the real users of Catering Corner, this allows you to sort down the best party catering service vendors for your function easily. The platform has more than 8000 reviews from real users which guide viewers on picking the right wedding caterer for your wedding event.

Pre-Wedding Catering To-Do- List Shared by Catering Corner

Catering Corner who has more than 4000 caterers & catering service providing companies from all over India provides valuable information to make your decision through by conducting research & surveys, has shared a few pre-wedding catering To-Do- List.

The below-given pre-wedding catering To-Do lists shared by Catering Corner are provided by the professionals to ease the last-minute difficulties faced by the organizers of the wedding function.

1. Pre-Booking Wedding Caterers

  • It is wise to sort and book the best caterers who can provide prolific wedding catering services well before 7 to 8 months of your wedding day.
  • Well, in case your wedding day falls during the holiday season make sure you book your favorite wedding caterer before a year. Because a lot of corporate holiday parties and seasonal parties would fall during such time. So booking early could get rid of your last-minute hassles.
  • While pre-booking your wedding caterers a few months before your wedding day, you don’t need to provide your food menus for your event. However, it is highly advised to commit what kind of catering styles like a buffet, sit-down dinner, or carving station you planned along with the details of the estimated guest list.

2. Menu Commitment with Wedding Caterers 

  • Well, right before a few months (roughly 3 – 4 months) of your wedding day you should provide the detailed headcounts of your wedding function to the catering professionals.
  • The detailed headcounts should match exactly 80% of your total guests who were invited by you for your wedding event.
  • If the chosen wedding caterer provides you the option for tasting food, then schedule it in this period and finalize your wedding food menus.
  • Else, prepare the lists of food menus you wish to have during your wedding day by covering all those beverages, linens, desserts, etc.
  • Once all those food menus are provided, the wedding caterer will send you the details of the cost along with the payment structure.

3. Coordinating Caterers To Your Venue

  • Right before a few weeks of your wedding day, contact your wedding caterer and make sure all things are planned, and ask whether they need anything from you.
  • Confirm the wedding date, location, and time of your wedding function with the caterer and make sure they need any other amenities or information needed regarding reaching your wedding function.
  • It’s time to schedule the final payment for the wedding caterer. You can fix any of your friends, relatives, or family members to deliver the final payment at the wedding function.
  • Finally, confirm the final headcount of your wedding function with the caterers

Well, that’s it you are perfectly planned and well-organized with your wedding caterer for your wedding event. At the same time, you also need to concentrate on all other aspects of your wedding event right from inviting your guests, decorating your wedding venue, arranging transportation, buying wedding essentials, buying wedding wardrobes and so.

It is highly recommended to accept the help offered by your family members or trusted friends on arranging your wedding function. Experts have suggested the pre-wedding timeline for planning and executing wedding checklists right from 9 to 16 months before your wedding day.

Bottom Line

Plan your wedding function according to your budget to avoid piling up bills at the last minute. Catering corners offers you a digital bridge by which you can interact and find the best wedding catering service vendor who offers high-quality catering services for affordable rates.

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