Making the Youth of Bharatpur Employable with SAP India’s Code Unnati

Posted On Thu, October 03, 2019, 2:00 PM

Vishnu Kumar had just finished his under graduation from MSJ College in Bharatpur. While he did receive a formal education, he needed to work on his technical knowledge and vocational skills to be able to secure a job. Vishnu wanted to independently provide for his family and contribute to the betterment of the society. In a world where competition was fierce, Vishnu needed skills that would help him stay ahead of the competition curve and work towards his passion of giving back to the society.

With a keen inclination towards computers, Vishnu enthusiastically signed up for SAP India’s skill development programme in Bharatpur. The programme groomed his technical skills as well as his computer concepts. The programme also polished his personality through various workshops and made him more confident. With the help of this training, Vishnu is now a RS-CIT TRAINER and e-mitra operator at Nagoria Computer Centre, Bharatpur and earns Rs. 10,500 per month. He believes that this initiative helped pave the way for a secure future for him but also gave him a chance to share his knowledge with the community.

Like Vishnu, Laxmi Kumari, an 18-year old student from Bharatpur, was on the lookout for a job to support her family. Being privy to financial hardships early in life, Laxmi was inspired and motivated to build a better future for not just for herselfbut also for her family.Not having access to technical training and knowledge, made it difficult for Laxmi to secure a financially viable job.

Laxmi signed up for the skill development programme by SAP India that empowered her by imparting IT skills and knowledge. Her zeal to learn, along with the right mentorship helped her secure a job as a teacher in ApnaGhar, Bharatpur. “It was very important for me to be able to support my family financially and SAP India has made it possible”, thanked Laxmi.

Many such students in Bharatpur and around the country are now a part of this revolution. With the right guidance, training and resources, these children are leading the way of a digital transformation and have opened the door to right opportunities

Technology is now making lives better and it is key for us as a nation, to include the youth from cities like Bharatpur to amplify the impact of this revolution. SAP India’s Code Unnati has already impacted over 1 million lives since its inception in 2017. Being present in 14 states in India, it is continuously striving to impart skills and knowledge in the underprivileged youth and children of the countryand make India digitally inclusive.

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