Main Reasons to have Chatbot for Education Industry

Posted On Fri, July 16, 2021, 3:18 PM
Rattle Tech chatbot for Education is dedicated to students, teachers, administrations and the entire education industry across the globe.

In this difficult time, technologies such as artificial intelligence have been transforming various sectors around the world. Even the education sector isn’t untouched by the growing popularity of AI-powered learning and communication tools.

A majority of university students in the United States favor the use of digital learning technologies as an academic tool. Many of them believe that DLTs help teachers be more efficient during classes and 80% agreed that they help improve grades too.

Want to Scale Your Educational system with Chatbot

Reasons to have Chatbot for Education

1.Chatbot is a Medium of Learning

The most useful and sought-after application of AI is the automated, intelligent tutoring system that provides a dedicated learning environment to study in and then analyze student’s responses and their patterns of interaction with the artificially intelligent learning content.

One such platform is Rattle Tech, which has a dedicated chatbot for education. The chatbot can provide specified topics to students through standard text messaging or multimedia such as images, videos, audios, and document files.

2.Chatbot Increases Student Engagement

Students today, are much more exposed to technology than we used to. Instant messages, virtual assistants and social media have become their school hallway, where they exchange not only messages but study materials, help each other with assignments and do their researches through these platforms.

3.Chatbot Provides Smart Feedback

A very important and significant aspect of the learning process is feedback, whether it comes from a student and directed towards the teachers or the other way around.

Feedback helps students in identifying the areas they are lacking and requires efforts and similarly, gives the teacher an opportunity to figure out areas they can improve their teaching abilities as well.

Rattle Tech conversational forms are a great way to collect feedback from students. These forms can be used to take a survey from students such as, how their course could be improved, how did they like the previous lecture or overall quality of their learning experience.

4.Chatbot Provides Students Instant Help

This generation is used to getting everything instantly whether it’s sending an email, making a purchase, posting a picture or searching for assistance with assignments, it needs to be done in a matter of a few clicks.

To meet up with that, education industry also needs to gear up and provide students with a better communication process with the administration and teachers.

Looking for The Best Chatbot for Education?

There are many chatbot building platforms in the market at the moment. However, choosing the most relevant and accurate one for you is important. Rattle Tech chatbot for Education is dedicated to students, teachers, administrations and the entire education industry across the globe.

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