Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme commemorates 10 years of positively impacting nearly 300,000 beneficiaries across 22 states

Posted On Mon, September 30, 2019, 4:00 PM

Nestlé India is commemorating ten years of its flagship initiative, the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme. The programme has been developed with a focus to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness among beneficiaries.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids programme contributes towards overall development of beneficiaries as well as encourages healthier lifestyle in the communities, by arming them with knowledge that impacts them in a meaningful way. The programme is being conducted since 2009 and is helping raise awareness regarding good nutritional and best cooking practices, good hygiene and promoting physical fitness. The programme is implemented through two modes, one is partnership with six regional universities and the second is with NGO Magic Bus India Foundation.

In the last three years alone, the program has contributed towards 29% increase in school attendance, 18% increase in handwashing practices, 37% in increasing consumption of green vegetables and 18% increase in consumption of fruits at least thrice a week.

The Nestlé Healthy Kidsprogramme has positively impacted lives of 7,000 beneficiaries in Jaipur.

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