Look at the opportunity in challenges - Naveen Jain

Posted On Sat, July 10, 2021, 4:33 PM
FICCI organised Webinar on Positive Thinking

“Pandemic not only brought pain for people but also lot of opportunities for many sectors. Some segments like tourism, hospitality, transport, etc are bitterly suffering but few sectors like e-commerce, IT, and others flourished like anything”, said Mr Naveen Jain, Secretary – Food & Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs, Govt of Rajasthan. He was addressing as Keynote Speaker during the Webinar on Positive Thinking organised by FICCI Rajasthan. 

He provided 5 key tips to maintain the positivity -  

1. 'Safety needs to be a culture and never be overconfident about it. 
2. Interdependence and co-existence is more important than competition. 
3. Filter relevant from irrelevant and give up 'sunk cost mentality'. 
4. Count on analysis rather than opinion. 
5. Efforts count but continuous effort counts more!

Addressing the concerns related to Covid appropriate behaviour, Mr Jain highlighted that there is a very thin fine line in between being over confident and smart, and to maintain the positivity during these hard times, it is essential for us to develop a smart culture. Corona has taught us this lesson after 1st wave when we compromised on safety, mask and social distancing, and that resulted in the second wave which proved to be more vulnerable & fatal. And with such carelessness and over confidence that there is no more threat, our own behaviour will be responsible for the 3rd wave of Corona. In his message to industries, he also emphasised on industrial safety which should be developed as a culture not just as compliance.  

He also advised industry and others to follow the concept of co-existence instead of cut-throat competition atleast during the pandemic so that with each other’s cooperation, everyone can survive. 

Dr Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management moderated the webinar. 

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