Detect the presence of Coronavirus in your office and workspace

Posted On Sun, June 20, 2021, 10:29 PM
Real Time Coronavirus Detector in offices, malls, schools, business centres and other closed spaces provides an assurance that the air is free of Coronavirus

Noida- Coronavirus is an air borne disease, has been confirmed beyond doubt.  With that in mind resuming offices, cafes, malls, theatres and all accessible public and private locations requires an assurance that the space visited is free of Coronavirus. This assurance not only provides for more efficiency at work and comfort for leisure activities, but also ensures that the spread of virus is prevented at the highest possible level. The BioCloud is a device launched by EIP Technologies Private Limited in India with the above facts in consideration and provides Real Time Detection of Coronavirus in Ambient Air in Closed Spaces.

“It’s Time to Reclaim the Air Spaces.”

The BioCloud device works by sampling the air continuously in the room and is a design patent because it can trap the particles as small as Coronavirus. The sampled air is then run through an automated test “modified western blot technique” where the coronavirus if present in the trapped air is sandwiched between an antibody layer and then laser spectroscopy helps identify the presence of coronavirus in real time.

“Now more than ever is the time to know that the spaces are Safe.”

The device can be installed as a standalone device in a room, hall, conference, shopping complex and other closed spaces where an area of 2500 square feet can be sampled within 15 minutes. The device may also be installed on a moving platform and can be taken to different rooms during the day for sampling. For wider areas likes malls, shopping complex, theatres etc., the device can also be installed in the recirculation ducts of the HVAC system to increase the coverage of the device.

“Real Time Coronavirus Detection in Ambient Air validates the presence of Coronavirus, allowing immediate preventive actions which cannot be provided by any other device.”

EIP is an industrial automation company with innovative solutions for increasing the efficiency of operations in a Process Plant.  In the Covid crisis, EIP took up the challenge and vision of finding a solution to beat the Coronavirus, so that people can start working from office spaces more efficiently to raise the Economy and GDP of the country. 

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