Misohe launches Free Helpline through its mobile app for users affected with Stress, anxiety and depression

Posted On Sun, June 13, 2021, 1:17 PM
To help users affected with stress, anxiety or other mental health related issues during current stressful times

Gurugram-based misohe club has launched a mental health crisis response helpline on its android app which is currently listed on playstore.

The pandemic has underscored the need for unbiased crisis response support to those who are going through challenging times dealing with trauma, anxiety or depression each day.

misohe club’s “Free Helpline” is geared up to support affected individuals to be safe and stay connected to their social support system through this initiative.

At the heart of misohe’s technology is the crisis management support system that provides affected individuals a non-intrusive psychological support mechanism by speaking with the psychologists themselves equipping them to cope up with the crisis effectively. This is done through a combination of guided interventions, i.e., voice (tele-consultations) based expertise of mental health professionals and trained volunteers.

This Free Helpline for individuals in need is a self-guided flow curated to assist individuals by addressing their concerns through acceptance, identification and nudging them to seek professional help. misohe club provides a safety net to assist individuals experiencing depression or anxiety related thoughts and create a close-knit support system consisting of close family members and friends.

“Misohe started with the objective to provide seamless, assured and affordable mental health by ways of speaking with verified RCI psychologist. This engagement will be first in class, palliative, non-intrusive psychological support that will help them handle the imminent concerns. The free helpline is assisted by trained volunteer & experienced experts and referral for second-order intervention by competent mental health professionals to guide those affected individuals within the misohe platform,” said Lokendra Saini, co-founder and CEO of misohe club.

Misohe was launched for android only devices this year in February and since then it has garnered over 16,000 users on its platform. Misohe’s biggest differentiator is its high-quality music therapy sounds and the onboarding assessment that learns from the users in their very first journey on the platform. Misohe is currently in the process of launching their iOS app within June, 2021 and also launching their self-help and guided programs for its users. For now, misohe will keep everything Freemium (premium content which is free to use) and would like users to explore and consume some quality content on their mobile app.  “The latest effort is to build a robust platform powered by an AI interface to address concerns in an effective way. Misohe experts, for instance is team of a mix of high and very highly experienced RCI professionals and we are also in the process of launching the psychiatry support within the next 30 days period. Psychiatry will complete the loop for all misohe users who may need to speak with an expert in critical cases.”, he said.

Misohe is a free missed call psychological counselling platform with voice-based support currently in English and Hindi languages that anonymizes caller details and maintains confidentiality. Those affected can download the misohe app from the play store and avail the free service and also use the platform’s music and stress-free games on the misohe app.

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