Employees rate CDE a winner in the workplace

Posted On Fri, July 16, 2021, 4:31 PM

As the saying goes, “To win in the marketplace, we must first win in the workplace.” At CDE it has always been our priority to treat our employees exactly how we treat our best customers.

We conducted an employee satisfaction survey targeting a response group of 120 employees, where 91 employees took part, and the satisfaction percentage was a whopping 91%+. The highest satisfaction score being the employer's concern about employee’s health, safety and well-being. Other high score areas being - a positive impact on the environment, clarity of personal and organizational goals, etc. This survey helped us measure the employee engagement index and acknowledge the voice of employees.

With the pandemic affecting our personal and collective well-being, mental health and job security, we took this up as a challenge to beat the stress, diminish the threats and flourish. Being a close-knit family, we have been closely monitoring our employees’ well-being and undertook several initiatives such as Covid Financial Assistance, At Home Covid-Care, Vaccination Drive for employees and their families, etc. We also ensured zero deduction on compensations, rewarded high-performance, no-unfair retrenching or layoffs, safe working environment, general awareness campaigns, to name a few. We continued our CSR activities unhindered, which was a reason for further joy among our employees. 


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