Investing in the right technology to usher in performance efficiency

Posted On Fri, August 28, 2020, 2:14 PM
Investing in the right technology to usher in performance efficiency

India has long been a manufacturing hub supplying its products to several automotive companies and Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the globe and within the country. Cooper Corporation is a name that we are familiar with when it comes to manufacturing of engines, generators or as a reputed engine component manufacturing company. With a legacy of over 50 years, the company is known to be a designer, manufacturer and supplier for engine, engine components, and as a genset manufacturer for both gas gensets and DG set manufacturers with a huge customer base across the world. The company supplies its engines to several Original Equipment manufacturers and automotive companies across the globe. With state-of the art manufacturing units at Satara, and expertise from across the globe, the company is known for quality and integrity. 

Cooper Corporation today, is one of the largest engine component manufacturing company in the country. Almost 70% of the components used in the manufacturing of Cooper generators and engines are indigenously manufactured within the Cooper foundry; thus, ensuring that the quality control is in place for the company.

Investing in the right product for overall performance

Cooper Corporation has always believed in investing in contemporary technology and sourcing the right raw material for its products. Quality check and quality control measures are implemented consistently from time to time. The technical collaboration with Ricardo, UK for design support is a testimony for the efforts taken by the company to invest in technology upgradation and in developing fine engines for global consumers. To this end, there are several aspects that contribute to the overall success of the company:

-The company’s key engine components include cylinder liners, cylinder heads/blocks and flywheels and other engine components that overall contribute to nearly 50 percent of the business

-The company’s consistent efforts to stay tuned with contemporary technology. The state-of-the-art research facility in Satara is a testimony to the efforts taken by the company to align itself with modern technology as a genset manufacturer or as an engine component manufacturing company

- As a DG Sets manufacturer, the company ensures a great supply network and good after sales service network with service centres and distributors across the country.

-With over 30 different engines developed over four years, Cooper has become a dynamic player by industry standards

Generators that meet global emission standards

Cooper is an established player among the global genset manufacturer segment. With demand from across the country and overseas for generators that comply with the global emission norms, Cooper is the right fit. The company complies with the Euro IV, CPCB and Bharat IV norms as far as environmental compliance are concerned. This also makes exports to these countries a cinch. Some of the overseas markets for Cooper gensets include Africa, the Middle-East, Far East, South America, North America, Ukraine, among others. With the current restrictions and global sanctions over China, several companies’ world over are looking at alternative options.

In the face of the global pandemic, there is some shift in attention to India made products and local consumption is touted to grow going forward. As a reputed DG sets manufacturer, engine and engine component manufacturing company, the company’s consistent efforts to invest in contemporary technology with people at the core has made Cooper the nucleus of development in Satara and around. The company today has over 2,000 people on its rolls, making Cooper Corp the largest employer in this area.

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