Shalby Hospitals, Jaipur organized Press Conference on World Cancer Day

Posted On Thu, February 04, 2021, 11:01 PM

Jaipur: Cancer treatment has steadily improved in the last decades, so that patients can be treated effectively. Today, in the treatment of cancer, through the use of a number of state-of-the-art techniques, the operation of organs affected by cancer can be performed in a very safe manner by organ protection laparoscopy surgery, endoscopic surgery.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day Shalby Hospitals, Jaipur organized a Press Conference. The conference was chaired by Surgical Oncologist Dr Kapil Dev & Medical Oncologist Dr Jitendra Kumar. Wherein entire team of oncology department were present. Into this conference Dr Jitendra represented the Lifestyle Effect on Increasing Cancer. And, Dr Kapil represented the positive effect on Organ Preserving Surgeries.

Dr Jitendra Kumar, Medical Oncologist at Shalby Hospitals, Jaipur on this occasion presented that the cancer which can be diagnosed at early stage can be completely cured. Further, He said that we can also reduce the risk of developing cancer by living a healthy lifestyle & following healthy diet.
He told to defeat the cancer early, we should undergo screening as recommended by various international guidelines. This way we can defeat & treat cancer at early stage. Systematic therapy for cancer enters into the blood circulations and it acts on all organ affected by cancer. At Shalby Hospitals, Jaipur we give therapy as mentioned in various international guidelines which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy & targeted therapy.

Dr Kapil Dev Surgical Oncologist explained that to cure cancer we have to remove involved organ that can cause physical, psychological & emotional issues. In our state oral cancer is the common cancer. Usually, to treat oral cancer a part of jaw has to be removed but at Shalby hospitals, jaipur we try to save as much as jaw bone which improve functional outcome such as eating & talking. 

Similarly, Dr Kapil explained that for Breast Cancer we try to remove the malignant tumor with safe margin & to preserve as much breast tissue as possible which helps in patient’s mental & physical satisfaction. Regarding reconstruction he said that in few cases we can’t preserve the organ involved. We also give the option of reconstruction at our center. But at Shalby we prefer preservation gives better physical, psychological & emotional satisfaction.

Cancer Survivors 1:
Mr S.S Sharma told that he is 74 years old. He was diagnosed with Sarcoma in 1992. At that time he was stunt & he was only aware of a hospital in Mumbai & he was treated for sarcoma. After that I was continuously having weakness & last year again diagnosed with bone cancer. I came to Dr Kapil at Shalby Hospital & underwent operation for same. Now, it’s been a more than a year & I am completely healthy & fully satisfied with the services provided by Shalby.

Cancer Survivors 2:

Mr Mehtab Singh is a govt. employee on forest department. He is 52 years old. He explained in july 2020 he had oral ulcer pain & difficulty while eating. I was diagnosed with cancer. I visited many hospitals & was advised to my tongue removal. Then, I heard about Dr Kapil & met him, and he advised to quit tobacco & alcohol. He also assured me regarding preserving my tongue & will not lose any taste & speech. Now, I am able to talk, eat & having no physical issues & also gained 7 kg weight. I am indebted him for saving me & changing my life.

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