Senpex Helps Vegetarians Get Their Orders Delivered

Posted On Wed, January 27, 2021, 12:27 PM
Using Senpex’s technology, Mylapore Express is able to deliver food efficiently for Sacramento vegetarians With an average of 100 drop-offs per day, Senpex’s software is creating affordable and on-demand deliveries

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage California, Senpex’s technology continues to be used by companies across the state to ensure they can make deliveries efficiently and on time. In Sacramento, Mylapore Express has a unique need to deliver vegetarian food to residents, where orders are reaching around 100 a day. Senpex’s technology is making sure these deliveries are made on time by creating the most efficient routes based on the destination.

“People with special diets always had a harder time getting the food they need, and I’m proud our technology is able to help vegetarians keep up the lifestyle they have chosen during these difficult times” said Senpex CEO Anar Mammadov. “As we continue to expand, our technology will not only be able to ensure even more families receive the deliveries they need, but more jobs will also be created, giving those who need it opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them.”

With stay at home orders in place across California getting food for families has been a top priority for many, and with such a large population of vegetarians calling America's Farm-to-Fork Capital home, the number of deliveries Maylapore Express received increased. They needed a way to solve their logistics problem quickly and Senpex was able to create a convenient way for them to complete the processing of bulk deliveries, plus by optimizing delivery routes, the overall costs to make the deliveries decreased.

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