FinCRM: A Complete Package for Your Growing Business

Posted On Tue, December 15, 2020, 3:31 PM

CRM software has become a need for every business type today. If you haven’t realized the importance now, then you will realize it sooner for sure. Almost 91% of businesses with over 11 employees are using CRM software. Not to mention, 91% is a really big number. If almost every business is using CRM, why not you?

If you are thinking that you are saving money by not investing in CRM, then you are absolutely misguided. Companies using CRM have witnessed an average 29% increase in sales. You can also experience growth in sales. All you need is the right CRM for your business.

Which is the right CRM for my business? If the same question popped up in your mind, then you are about to get the answer.

What are the important factors to look for in a CRM?

  1. Look for the required features for your business.
  2. Get the CRM after a free trial.
  3. Check the availability of customizations.
  4. Functionality of CRM should not be limited to sales only.
  5. Find a CRM that is easy to use.
  6. CRM should not burn your pocket.
  7. Partner with a reliable CRM solution provider.

These qualities are not too much to ask for your valuable business. But searching for a CRM solution that matches all these aspects is too much work. Let me tell you, you are already here and you will not be left with any question unanswered.   

CRM software that fits in all these factors and caters to the need of every business type is FinCRM. This feature-packed, customizable, and budget-friendly CRM is all that you need to scale up your business growth. It is a new but best CRM in the market. Why are we calling it the best? It has every feature that a business needs to compete in the market.

What features does FinCRM have?

We have told you that FinCRM is feature-packed. It has a myriad range of features that can help any business. Here is the list of the entire features of FinCRM.

Account & Contact Management

With FinCRM, you can create & manage all your business accounts & contacts methodically. You get to see a 360° view of every account & contact in FinCRM.

Leads Management

For every business, leads are the source of revenue. Manage and track the progress of all your leads in FinCRM. The best part is not everyone can create or edit lead data. You can restrict the access to the leads data, which makes FinCRM the most secure CRM software.

Opportunity Management

With FinCRM, you are never going to miss any important opportunity due to unmanaged data. Get a 360° view of all your opportunities and their position in the sales pipeline. Accelerate your opportunities through the sales pipeline and get more revenue in your pocket.

Revenue Forecasting

Forecast your revenue and plan the finances of the company. Get early predictions about your revenue to plan sales targets, marketing activities, and future investments. 

Dynamic Entity Creation

FinCRM gives you the liberty to create your own entities and save unlimited data in them. Create a dynamic entity suitable for your business requirement and keep track of everything in one place.

Sales Pipeline Visualization

When you can see your sales pipeline in front of you, then you can take numerous sales decisions right. Get a visualization of your sales pipeline in FinCRM and remove bottlenecks to close deals faster.

Task Management

Create, track, and complete tasks before the deadline with FinCRM. You don’t need to create recurring tasks every time. Create a task once, allot priority, set frequency of repetition, and you are done. Never miss any task and run our business efficiently.

Daily Time Sheet

One of the cornerstones of your business growth is your workforce. FinCRM enables you to record work done by your team daily. Now, you can review, accept, and comment on the worksheets of your employees for appreciating, encouraging, and guiding them.

Lead Capture Automation

Capturing leads from various online platforms can be very tedious. Not now. FinCRM has turned the tables and made this menial task easier than ever. Capture leads automatically from online platforms without leakage and focuses more on productivity.

Data Import & Export

Now you can export and import unlimited data using FinCRM. No extra or hidden charges for exporting & importing data. All FinCRM wants is to ease your business processes and that’s why it doesn’t believe in charging for every small feature.

Marketing Campaign Management

No need to switch the screens when you are using FinCRM. Manage all your marketing campaigns directly from FinCRM and analyze the success of every marketing campaign through graphical reports.

Email & SMS Reminder

For offering personalized services, email & SMS reminders are there. Remind your customers about upcoming appointments, payment deadlines, or anything. Be customer-centric and create a win-win situation for you every time with FinCRM.

Reports & Dashboard

For better decision-making, FinCRM produces graphical sales reports for you. You can see your team’s and individual’s performance through graphs. FinCRM also allows you to filter results so that you can see your business performance from every angle.

Meeting & Calendar

Meetings are an important part of every business. Now you can record all your meetings in FinCRM and even set reminders to never get late for any meeting again.

Client Portal

Maintaining transparency is important for building trust with your clients. Create Client Portal in FinCRM and allow CRM access to your client. Decide what you want them to see, edit, & manage and maintain transparency with security. 

Estimates & Invoices

When the entire world is going digital, why to prepare estimates & invoices on paper? FinCRM allows you to prepare estimates & invoices in CRM only. You get to prepare GST-complied invoices & estimates so that you never have to switch screen for any work.

Knowledge Base

Learning never ends. The market is dynamic and new things come very often. You need to prepare your team every time and keep them updated. Store all the learning drafts in FinCRM and allow required employees to access those drafts. Keep your team always updated about the market and win every time.

Document Manager

No one can imagine running a business without documents. Every day you get a bundle of documents to deal with. Now, you can store all your important documents in FinCRM and keep them safe for as long as you want. It has a maker-checker feature, which doesn’t allow anyone to delete any document without your permission. FinCRM is the safest place you can ever find for your documents.


FinCRM is a CRM solution that has covered everything important for your business. Right from lead capturing to sales & marketing reports, you get everything in one place. No matter what business you run, FinCRM is made for all. The best part is you don’t even need to break the bank to adopt this CRM software. Don’t wait, get your free 15-days trial now. 


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