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Posted On Tue, July 13, 2021, 6:41 PM

SmartBreeder ( offers various products and pieces of equipment for pets’ health and welfare, one of which is their dog scanner. Breeders, pet professionals, and veterinarians can use it for ultrasound purposes such as pregnancy and infection in the uterus (Pyometra) detection, fetal weight and trans-rectal or vaginal measurement and many more.

They sell several quality dog scanners. They have the most popular selling device for dog breeders: their SmartBook HD, which is used to identify pregnant females, litter-size counting, and detect Pyometra. This scanner has many incredible features such as 12.4-inch LED display, 12-hour battery life, USB port, additional scanning features, and many more. They also have a SmartBook 4K for those who want a 4K resolution or a clear image. Their top-of-the-line scanner is the Vet Master Pro 4k Portable Scanner, which has a 15.5 HD/LED display and a Quantum 24 processor. All these scanners are CE- and ISO-certified, have a 5-year warranty, and a discounted optional £99 ultrasound course, which has an original price of £360. Note, however, that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

SmartBreeder also has a scanner that breeders can connect to their smartphones. Their SmartWand SD and SmartWand HD  is a combined ultrasound device and probe that seamlessly connects to the phone or tablet, giving high-quality ultrasound images through Bluetooth only. Breeders, pet professionals and veterinarians can use these devices even without WIFI. These CE and ISO-certified portable scanners also have a 5-year warranty, 12-hour battery life, a carry pouch and a discounted £99 ultrasound course as well. They also sell a clear transmission ultrasound gel that is bacteriostatic, sensitising, non-irritating and formaldehyde-free.

They believe that breeding is a smart choice when done correctly. That’s why they offer courses for those who want to become breeders. These courses cover different topics such as microchip implanting, ultrasound fertility, hearing testing and grooming. They are all veterinary approved and accredited, and compliant with DEFRA qualifications. They also sell nutrition, supplements and toys for young and adult pets because they also believe that a healthy animal is a happy one. Moreover, they have many promotional offers, such as next day delivery, £10.00 Gift Cards, puppy packs, sample food code, gift vouchers and a hundred-pound training voucher.

Interested parties can know more about SmartBreeder and their products by visiting their website at

About SmartBreeder

SmartBreeder was founded by a group of animal lovers and e-commerce professionals in the UK in 2017. This company aims to provide supplies and tools, such as nutrition, supplements, scanners, microchips, and other products that people need to take care of pets properly. They also offer DEFRA-approved courses for microchipping, ultrasound fertility and hearing testing for pet owners aspiring to be breeders. These are easy-to-understand, City & Guilds and CPD-accredited to help aspiring breeders get started in their career working with animals. For inquiries, you can fill out their contact information at As an alternative, you can send them an email at or talk to one of their representatives using this number 01208 420 999. 

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