Importance of an Overseas Education Consultant

Posted On Fri, March 19, 2021, 1:28 PM
Best Tourist Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

Overseas Education Consultants plays vital role to full the dreams of students to study abroad, immigrant to settle in the country, and the tourist to travel. They help them in the visa process, documentation and other services like post landing – airport pickup, accommodation, job search and many more.

International exposure, multi-cultural communication skills, global awareness, and foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important in all areas of work and study, and study abroad experience will prepare the students for future challenges that will require this knowledge and experience.

Overseas education consultant assists students who are interested to study abroad for their higher studies. They help them for admission in top college and universities, and then process for visa filing with required documents.

Documents required for study visa varies country to country requirement. But some standard documents are:

•          Valid Passport for at least 6 months.

•          Letter of Acceptance / Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment / 1 20 / CAS should be valid for at least 30 -40 days for visa process.

•          Valid Test of English proficiency- As per the country requirement.

•          Medical Test – Should be done by suggested doctor by respective high commission.

•          Sufficient living cost (Should be maintain in your saving as per country requirement or transfer in international account).

Please Note: Additional documents varies case on case bases.

Minor children may study in Canada at primary or secondary schools. However, they need a custodian to oversee their well-being and accept their legal responsibility. Custodian can be Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen. Parents can be the custodian if the child don’t have any relative in Canada. One parent can accompany the child to Canada and act as his/her custodian in Canada. The parent may apply for a visit visa and if granted accompany his/her child. But the parent is not allowing to work in the country. The visa is just to his / her take care in the country.

Studying abroad through Freebird Abroad is an exciting way to gain course credit, while developing skills and traits that will give you an advantage after you transfer and throughout your career.

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