The government should shift gears to cope up with the rising numbers of covid cases in India and Bihar: Congress Leader Bibhuti Kavi

Posted On Tue, April 27, 2021, 6:37 PM
'The government should focus on dealing with the medical emergency when our country is facing a shortage of basic medical facilities rather than concentrating on state elections and Cricket matches' said the former member of the legislative council, Mr. Bibhuti Kavi

During a virtual communication, Former Bihar MLC and ex General secretary of Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee, Bibhuti Kavi on Tuesday rebuked the strategy of both the central and the state government for rising number of covid cases and deaths in India and particulary in Bihar. With over 3.5 Lakhs cases India is breaking her own covid records everyday while the government is either busy in campaigning for state elections or they are more interested in using the resources to sucessfully carry out cricketing events like IPL.

He said that given the fact that India's GDP is above 1.5 lakhs, the governemt could have easily vaccinated everyone above 18 for free which would not have costed the government more than 0.4% of the GDP. But in the current scenario, the price which has been set up for a single dose of covid vaccination in India is one of the highest in the world even costlier than those in advanced nations like America and european countries. Only a few state governments are ready to bear the cost of the vaccine. Mr. Kavi further said that the government clearly lacked the foresightedness and they wasted so many months to prepare for the next round of wave. More than 2000 peoples are dying everday and most of the casualities are unfortunatly due to lack of basic facilities like oxygen, emergency medicines, hospital beds etc. Not only the Covid patients but other with chronic disease are suffering too. The government alongwith the existing medical structure should have taken help from both the retired medical professional along with the interns to create a better medical facility few months back.

Responding to the question about what the government should do to get situation under control, he said that the schools and other buildings which have been shut down should be immideately converted into isolation wards as most of the families don't have sufficient rooms to isolate themselves if one or more members of the family gets infected with Covid virus. The government should aim to significantly increase and distribute the oxygen and emergency drugs  to every states in the right proportion and should act strictly against those who are hoarding them. Maintaining diplomatic relations with other countries are good but given the dreadful situation of our own country, priority should be given to our citizens and government should stop exporting Covid vaccines to other countries temporarily. Instead of poll gimiks, the goverment should start acting on the ground level without any further delay. Mr. Kavi also urged the citizens of India that this war against covid will be sucessful only by GPP (Government & Public Partnership) he requested people to wash/sanitize their hands frequently, use mask, avoid venturing outside unless urgent, take both doses of the covid vaccines. He also said it should be the duty of recovered patients to donate plasma and create awareness about how to recover from this disease.  

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