Yetahost introduces shared cloud hosting

Posted On Sat, May 08, 2021, 4:17 AM

Yetahost, one of the most powerful and trusted website hosting services, providers. It is the only website, where you can get all the information about the website hosting including servers. Moreover, it is the only award-winning website, which has helped customers in resolving all their issues related to the website hosting and servers.

After the success of the servers or website hosting services, the team Yetahost introduces the services of Cloud Hosting. It is the best platform, which lets the applications or websites get accessed using cloud resources. With our amazing cloud servers, one can easily connect via virtual as well as physical cloud servers.

With the advancement in technology, the team at Yetahost comes up with the idea of YetaHost. Yetahost is the only platform, which focuses on offering highly demanding solutions to the customers. Yetahost believe in offering flexible, reliable, and secure cloud hosting solutions.

Things included in YetaHost Shared Cloud Hosting Plan

There are many things, which are included within the package of Yetahost Plan


Offering high-performing solutions is the major priority of the team at Yetahost. We ensure that organizations will always receive the performing solutions without compromising on the budget.

High Support Services

We use the best and highly-trending support services and ensure that our customers will always resolve all their issues with our support services.

Secure services

Offering secure services is the biggest thing that makes the customers choose the services of Yetahost. We provide physical, operational, and other data security solutions too.

Various cloud computing services in which Yetahost deals

Hyperscale cloud hosting

As its name describes, hyper-scale cloud hosting is best as compared to the traditional cloud hosting plan. It is the biggest option, that makes business owners choose Yetahost hyper-scale cloud hosting solutions.

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting platform is very much beneficial for all the new website owners. As its name suggests, that it is the hosting platform, which lets the owners host multiple websites on a single hosting platform.

Managed Cloud hosting

One of the most innovative and advanced cloud solutions managed cloud hosting. It is the program, which improves levels of complexity and offers highly feasible cloud solutions.

Green Cloud Hosting

Improve energy efficiency within your company or organization with Yetahost green cloud hosting programs. Achieve more sustainable and hyper scalable results with their special green cloud hosting programs.

How YetaHost shared hosting platform is different from the normal hosting platform?

Both of the shared hosting and normal hosting work in the same manner, but their process is entirely different. They both offer website hosting, but choosing the platform depends upon the website traffic that someone is getting on their website. A shared hosting platform is cost-effective and on the other hand, cloud hosting is more secure and very much easy to use.

Yetahost announces their server Location in India as well as Singapore

Yetahost proudly announce their server location both in India as well as Singapore. It means that their clients can grab their server services from India as well as Singapore.

So, do not wait to discuss all your cloud hosting worries along with the team of Yetahost today!

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