Goodie Grocer: Changing TLD to Serve Our Canadian Friends Better

Posted On Mon, April 12, 2021, 10:48 AM
Goodie Grocer has announced to change its brand online identity from .com to .ca and make some changes in the website adding more user-friendly features. Check out the new site and get the best grocery shopping experience in Canada.

Goodie Grocer, your favorite Online Grocery store feels proud to announce that it is going to change its top-level domain extension from .com to .ca with major changes in the website. The company has made its website more user-friendly with new features that are going to redefine the level of online grocery shopping experience in Canada. Goodie Grocer is committed to providing premium quality South Asian and Indian food products to its Canadian clients. As choosing the most suitable domain name and extension is essential for enhancing brand awareness, search rankings, and SEO purpose, Goodie Grocer has decided to make this transition.

When an online store is focused to serve its customers from different parts of the world or get searches globally, they prefer a .com as the domain extension of their preferred URL. It facilitates them to establish themselves as a global brand. This also implies that there is no certain geographic area connected to the site.

.Ca is a country-specific domain CSD or country code TLD (ccTLD) that facilitates an online store to target internet traffic from local areas or the specific country of the world to which the domain extension name indicates. It means that the .ca site is meant to serve clients from Canada. Having a country-specific domain like .ca not only offers local targeting and SEO benefits but also enhances Buyer’s confidence and forges strong credibility.

The TLD you decide for your business' site can affect the accomplishment of your search engine optimization.

A country-specific domain will give you a lift in native results when contrasted with a conventional one. For example, picking .ca for your site will cause it to perform emphatically in Canada, as both Google and customers incline toward native search results. Then again, .com's solidarity in being a typical TLD is it performs better globally as it's not related to specific business sectors or nations.

What Prompted Goodie Grocer to Make this Transition and Change TLD?

People in Canada love to shop online or get the desired services virtually from locally renowned companies or online stores. As Goodie Grocer is committed to build an enviable brand reputation and focus more on meeting the needs of their target clients from Canada, it has decided to change its online identity from .com to .ca. Their main aim is to help people in Canada relish high-quality South Asian and Indian food products and get wholesome nutrition from the same. Hence, they have preferred to make this seamless transition that will enable them serve increasing number of clients in the best way possible.

People who are looking for the best quality organic food products, dry fruits and nuts, culinary ingredients, edible oil, rice and pulses, flour, Whole grains, Fresh vegetables, Basmati rice, and other products can check out the online inventory and shop for their desired grocery from the convenience of their homes and offices. They should check the ‘Deals of the Day’ and avail of products on a discount that will give them more reasons to smile.

With the spring and summer season and Holi festival, people would love to shop for sweets and snacks, Dry fruits and nuts or organic Rice, millets, pulses, and flour to prepare various delectable dishes or for gift purposes.

About Goodie Grocer

Goodie Grocer is one of the leading online grocery stores in Canada. It serves its customers all across Canada and offers thousands of grocery products online. It has remarkable, dependable, and outstanding grocery products that include Indian and South Asian products from top brands that come within great quality. People can easily shop for their preferred grocery items by categories or brands and get them at a discounted price seamlessly. It helps them save their precious time and money and get high-quality grocery online offering the best shopping experience. Visit -

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