Western India’s first BiVAD facilitated heart transplant conducted by Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

Posted On Fri, February 19, 2021, 4:14 PM

A 19-year-old boy from Mumbai became the first patient of western India to undergo a heart transplant after the implantation of a temporary Biventricular Assist Device (Centrimag x 2).The patient was shifted from another hospital to Jaslok Hospital where he was suffering a complete cardiovascular collapse and kidney failure. His kidneys had started to fail, and he was jaundiced and had high grade fever. 2D Echo revealed a very large heart which was not contracting at all.

The patient was admitted under the heart transplant team headed by Dr. Hemant Pathare, the Additional Director Department of Heart & Lung transplantation at Jaslok Hospital.

The patient’s condition was swiftly deteriorating which prompted the doctor to perform a high-risk surgery of BiVAD facilitated heart transplant. A Biventricular Assist Device (BiVAD) is a magnetically levitated device that pumps blood across the body when the heart fails.

The patient was taken off the ventilator in the next 4 days. Appropriate antibiotics were started for his pre-existing left sided pneumonia and urinary tract infection. His urine output was maintained, and his kidneys became normal within 8-9 days. His liver took about 4 weeks to normalize. He started eating well and would take long walks in the ICCU tagging his 2 artificial heart pumps along with him.

The device remained attached to the patient’s body for over a month while a team of doctors at Jaslok Hospital were in search of a donor match for the patient. We finally found a donor and the heart was transported from Pune by creating a green corridor.

The heart transplant was successfully conducted by Dr Hemant Pathare & Dr Ganapathy, Consultant Heart Transplant Surgeon along with the heart transplant team at Jaslok Hospital.

The patient was breathing on his own post 24hrs after the surgery. He was already on solid diet and looking forward to his second chance at life.

While the patient was a fitness enthusiast who had a knack for powerlifting; he was unaware of his pre-existing cardiac condition. His indulgence in high-energy exercises may have aggravated his condition.

This is the first time in western India that a temporary BIVAD has successfully gone onto receive a heart transplantation at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre.

The teenager is now stable and has already been put on a solid diet. After being discharged, he continues to remain under the guidance of the doctors at Jaslok Hospital through regular follow-ups and online consultation on weekly basis.

If it hadn’t been for the medical expertise at Jaslok Hospital the patient won’t have seen the year 2021. This is a classic example of Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre breaking new ground once again in the healthcare sector using cutting edge innovations and expertise of our doctors.

After his discharge from the hospital the patient was given a heroic welcome by his extended family, community & neighbourhood.

About the Hospital: Jaslok provides the best possible medical care using state-of-the-art technology to every single patient, irrespective of their social background or financial ability. Forty-seven years since Jaslok's inception, Jaslok continues to strive every single day to live up to its goals and attract the best doctors who are internationally renowned in their field of expertise but still demonstrate empathy and care. The most compassionate and well-trained nurses are chosen so that every patient receives the best care. Jaslok identifies and installs cutting-edge technology to help diagnose and cure the most complex and challenging illnesses. They have endeavored to streamline their hospital processes so that the patient experience is paramount, from the time they check in to the time they are discharged. Jaslok is proud of their high level of care and equally proud that their charitable trust makes it possible to provide free or highly subsidized care to the poorest and neediest.

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