US Dental Diamond Announces Limited Time Discount On Dental Instruments

Posted On Mon, August 30, 2021, 4:23 PM
Buy new dental instruments, including scalers and curettes, at just $11.95. This is a limited-time offer that’s available only on select instruments.

Lawrenceville- Manufacturers and sharpening/retipping experts of dental hygiene instruments have announced a limited-time offer on select products. Some of the devices on sale include curettes, scalers, explorers, probes, and more.

“We use high-quality US 440A stainless steel to ensure the instruments are safe and strong. Our dental hygiene instruments are corrosion-resistant and durable. They do not need elaborate maintenance and are sustainable as well,” says a spokesperson for US Dental Diamond. To order the instrument, users have to pick a product and get it shipped to their place in just 2 business days. New users can also avail 10% off on their first order.

The company mainly specializes in sharpening and retipping services, promising to bring instruments back to life. Some of the extensive lists of instruments that they sharpen and retip include explorers, scalers, periodontal knives, periosteal, pluggers, scissors, and more.

“Dull and worn-out dental instruments can prevent dentists and dental hygienists from performing efficiently. By sharpening and retipping them as and when required, the dentist can keep dental calculus at bay and ensure that luxating elevators do not penetrate through the periodontal ligaments properly,” adds a spokesperson. If the instruments aren’t sharp, the dentist may have to use excessive force, causing discomfort to the patient and the dentist as well.

Customers can request a shipping label or ship the instruments using their own label. The company ships within 2 business days through USPS Priority. If the customer needs a faster delivery, the company provides expedited delivery as well,”

About US Diamond Dental:

US Diamond Dental was established in 1979 to provide sharpening and retipping services and manufacturing dental hygiene instruments. While the company was founded in Keystone, Wheeling, they later relocated to a new and expanded facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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