Intelikart launched a platform to grow business online

Posted On Tue, March 23, 2021, 7:32 PM
Intelikart launched a platform to grow ecommerce business with own mobile app

Mobile apps have become very important for all types of businesses. With almost every person owning a smartphone, customers are now using shopping apps to place online orders. This has absolutely changed how customers interact with brands and businesses.

Businesses Owners – Their Challenges and how app can solve

The founder of Intelikart, could see the potential mobile apps have in the line of business. However, he also understood the challenges many local businesses in india are going to face in keeping up with the current times.

Thanks to these tiny devices, customers always expect things to be at their fingertips. With more customers downloading mobile apps to find products and services, it became necessary for local businesses to invest in mobile app development for survival. 

However, it puts businesses a burden because they don’t have enough money to invest in app development. Mobile app development is quite expensive, especially when you have to hire a team of experienced coders for several months.

Even when you think of outsourcing an app development company, the process is expected to be time-consuming and expensive. Though there are benefits of having a custom business app, businesses simply do not have the budget for it.

Intelikart was created to solve this problem for online business in India. Intelikart team saw how important mobile apps have become in our society and wanted to help businesses survive and grow in a highly competitive market.

Intelikart – Its Benefits

As a no-code app builder platform, Intelikart will take away months of financial stress from the lives of business owners who want to keep up with the big brands. Any business can own a mobile app to sell products and services without hiring an experienced app development team.

This is how Intelikart was formed. By following a few simple steps, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of having a mobile app without the burden of costly expenses.  With the Intelikart app, businesses will be able to attract more customers, create brand awareness, offer payment flexibility, engage customers, and stand out among other competitors very easily.

Businesses no longer need to wait for months to develop a mobile app. As a premium app builder platform Intelikart, one can create a business app in a matter of three days. Being subscription-based, businesses can make the most of Intelikart’s services for as long as they want.

Bottom Line

With easy instructions and reasonable monthly costs, Intelikart is the ideal solution for businesses that want to grow in this highly competitive era.

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