Things to Consider Before Going to Style Your Window

Posted On Tue, March 23, 2021, 11:24 AM
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Your home's aesthetics are determined by how you plan your interior. When it comes to interior design features, then window decoration can’t be neglected. Windows are an important part of any home since they perform a number of functions.

If you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, you always start with the walls and windows. Once you've determined how you want to decorate your walls with curtains and drapes, you can move on to the rest of the room's or entire home's decor. The question now is whether or not window treatments are really appropriate? So, it is really appropriate for making your home eye-catching. It is the only thing which attracts visitors not only from outside your house but also from inside.

Now the question arises how you make your window attractive? Curtains and drapes are often critical in deciding the overall look of your window. A beautiful piece of furniture will help to complete the mood and atmosphere of any indoor room and putting curtains with matching color of your furniture definitely add charm to it. The primary purpose of curtains in the home is to decorate them with design elements and styles that fit your preferences. It does, however, serve as an air filter, collecting dust, pollutants, and other harmful airborne contaminants from the outside.  

Here we are going to discuss what are things to consider before going for styling your window. 

Points to Remember While using Curtains and Drapes:- 
•    Always use curtain rods that can keep your curtains in place and withstand their weight.
•    You should leave a 5 to 6-inch gap between the drapes and the floor at all times.
•    Never use full-length curtains in a small room because they can make space seem smaller.
•    Often use colors that are complementary to the upholstery fabric.
•    If you choose to use dark colors, keep in mind that they can make the room appear smaller.
•    Dark-colored curtains, on the other hand, will help you sleep better in your bedroom.
•    If you choose silk or velvet for your drawing room, it will have a royal appearance. 

Factors that require Consideration before choosing Curtains and Drapes:- 

Fitting:- Since the curtains or drapes would be a great match for the room you're trying to cover, you'll want to take your measurements carefully. Consider the height you'd like the curtains to begin above the window or door frames. The standard height is 5- 6 inches above the frames, so if you want to make the room seem taller, you can go much higher.

Color and Quality:- Your drapery stock should be selected for its effectiveness in achieving the ultimate goal, not simply for how it looks or feels. Consider the circumstances. If you need drapery to hold the wind at bay, thicker fabrics should be considered. Some of the finest and most common window treatment fabrics today are faux silk, linen, and velvet. Suede and velvet are excellent at avoiding heat loss and are ideal for warding off the chill. When it comes to color, the situations play a part once again. If it's too hot outside and the curtains would be exposed to a lot of direct sunshine, you can choose neutral shades so lighter hues disappear faster under direct sunlight.

Style:- Does the curtain design you've been eyeing on the internet match the color and dimensions of your living room, the decor, and the overall theme? When it doesn't, make the tough decision to let them go. Instead of worrying about how the curtains touch the surface, think of how they complement the color, texture, and outline of the furniture. The right curtains for your home will not only blend in but will also improve the aesthetics. Remember how, when you step into a venue, the curtains aren't the first thing you see, but when you do, it's as though they've mastered the picture?

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