Horlicks’ new TVC aims to generate awareness on Nutritional gaps

Posted On Tue, August 24, 2021, 11:08 AM
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NATIONAL, 2021: Horlicks, the long-standing market leader in the Health Food Drink category in India continues its quest to contribute to India’s nutritional needs. Packed with 23 vital nutrients, Horlicks is clinically proven^ to improve nutritional status in children. Healthy diet and adequate physical activity are the only strategies for preventing malnourishment and its associated health problems. Today’s caregivers need to understand that a balanced and diversified diet is more important than intake in quantity.

Krishnan Sundaram, Business Head, Nutrition, HUL, said, “It is a common misconception amongst the mothers that if children are eating more, they are eating right. However, the real crisis is that mothers are unable to track the nutrient intake and what and how much to feed their children to fill the gaps in the nutritional requirements on daily basis. Therefore, it is important to showcase the complex concept of nutrient intakes in a simplified manner. The current advertisement attempts to uncomplicate the nutrient content in Horlicks in terms of commonly consumed food items. We are certain that with the daily intake of Horlicks along with regular diet will further help parents to move closer to achieving an optimal nutritional status of the child.”

The current TVC highlights the equivalence of nutrient content in Horlicks vis-à-vis certain food items. It also attempts to help in simplifying the amounts of these nutrients in terms of commonly consumed food so that it is easy to understand by the consumers. The film opens to show a family at a dinner table. This is a meal occasion when natural food items are consumed regularly. The TVC then brings about the variation in the routine dietary practices without disparaging or substituting natural or typically consumed food items. It merely points to the fact that even our regular diet may have gaps in nutrient intake due to dietary practices in day-to-day life. 

In this context, Horlicks has a crucial role to play. It is a nourishing beverage that is packed with 23 vital nutrients including key vitamins and minerals. Two servings of Horlicks, consumed with milk, gives children around more than 60% of protein and over 70% daily requirement of many key micronutrients. It is a nourishing beverage which helps provide nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals and two serves of Horlicks when consumed with regular diet, every day, helps bridge the nutritional gaps.

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