Innovative Derivatives Exchange is Launched

Posted On Fri, December 04, 2020, 4:05 AM
Alter Securities has officially launched, with the first tradable product being Tranched Value Securities (patent pending) backed by Bitcoin underlying asset, which is expected to provide better solutions for traders and investors to manage price volatility and safeguard returns.

Alter Securities, a developer of innovative financial products and technology, today announces launching of trading platform. is the only venue where Tranched Value Securities (patent pending) will be offered, alongside with other new derivatives in the near future, which are expected to enhance traders’ risk management, returns and contribute to more efficient markets. currently is the only company around the globe providing OTC cryptocurrency derivatives trading to retail users, as well as institutional investors. Unlike other cryptocurrency derivative exchanges, is the only one that offers patented financial products. This sets apart from the major competitors, making the products offered beneficial even to the other cryptocurrency exchanges for the purposes of liquidity enhancement and risk management.

According to the recent research by CoinDesk, the most popular derivatives for cryptocurrencies are perpetual swaps (invented by BitMEX), and futures, currently offered by most of the largest exchanges. In fact, as of 2020, out of 43 large exchanges, 74% of them offer perpetual swaps, 53% offer futures, and 20% offer options. There’s a small number of cryptocurrency derivative exchanges that offer novel products, among which are FTX, Delta Exchange, CoinFlex, and LedgerX, but even these “new products” are new only for cryptocurrency markets, but have existed for a long-time in other alternative asset and capital markets. Due to that, the so-marketed “innovative finance” market, was not so until the launch of with own patented derivatives.

“Alter Securities through is expected to bring the long-awaited true financial innovation, in the world with overhyped FinTech, where the true innovation was taking place in the technology stack, without the necessary attention for financial part, ” said Nikolay Zvezdin, Founder and CEO of Alter Securities. “As a part of mission, we will be launching a series of innovative financial products that have not been offered by the existing exchanges in the capital markets area, as well as in the cryptocurrencies space, which is expected to improve market efficiency, and satisfy a wide range of investors’ interests”.

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