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Posted On Fri, February 19, 2021, 4:48 PM
Hirawats is India's leading uniform and workwear company. We design uniforms for students/employers at our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. We are one of the leading brands in the country for uniforms and Fashion Apparel supplying to international schools, small schools, colleges, corporate offices, health care, organizations.

Buying the right and standardized uniform is imperative, whether in a Health care organization, educational institution, or any other workplace. Hirawats has a firm belief that inclusivity to uniforms cultivates a sense of togetherness amongst the wearers. This feeling of unity, in turn, can play a significant role in the team's success.

Working on this ground, the company has remodeled the uniform manufacturing process in India. Today, the startup holds an incredible reputation in the Indian uniform apparel market by providing world-class quality uniforms to its clientele. 

About Hirawats Online Uniforms Startup

Hirawatsonline.com is one of the leading and renowned uniform manufacturers in the country. They have forayed into the e-commerce model since May 2020 to bring their competitively priced, high quality, long-lasting and customized uniforms delivered to the doorsteps of the customer, through the length and breadth of the country, with the convenience of shopping online from home. Founder brothers, Abik Hirawat and Anik Hirawat, alumni of the University of Manchester and NIFT, respectively, are the brains behind this venture. Both of them possess over years of design and retail experience in the fashion & garments industry.

Hirawats uses sustainable and long-lasting fabrics for manufacturing garments, which helps them build a long-term relationship with their consumers.

Another key to the success of uniforms startup has been its strength and capacity to manufacture bulk orders. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility sprawling across 6 acres of land, the company assures hassle-free production of more than 60,000 uniforms in a month. The highly-trained workforce and latest technology & highly efficient machines are the primary reasons for the fast and qualitative deliverables.

This is making procurement an easy task for hospitals, clinics, large organizations, small & medium businesses, schools, and colleges. With the willpower and dedication to grow, the company is now successfully delivering all over India. 

The vision of hirawatsonline.com

The vision of the Hirawat brothers is to bring inclusivity and standardization to uniforms in India. Since one size doesn't fit all, the company offers customization with ease, which is a big boon for especially small businesses requiring them. It means small-scale enterprises can request workwear uniforms as per their standards and designs. Hence, restaurants and healthcare facilities are able to order standardized uniforms for the whole staff in bulk that is of high quality, durable, best fit, and customization design.

There are no chances of a mismatch when you order tailor-fitted workwear through Hirawats online store. Getting customized uniforms further proves to be an affordable option for small enterprises.

Also, Hirawats is committed to being a startup for uniforms made with sustainable fabrics. They use durable and skin-friendly fabrics to manufacture uniforms. Abik Hirawat said, "We strive to produce sustainable garments consolidated with exquisite detailing and tailor-made designs that our consumers will treasure while wearing."

The trail etched by the brothers has undoubtedly advanced standardized uniform designing and delivery solutions in India.

Unprecedented Work Ethics

Hirawats has successfully pulled off its uniform delivery services in these challenging times of the pandemic. The company achieved a milestone of catering to over 1000+ orders in a short span of time since they started online in May 2020. The customers have the convenience of doorstep contact-less delivery service through online ordering at attractive prices.

Due to the presence online, Hirawats has started supplying uniforms even in smaller tier cities of the country. The remote areas they have covered include Shillong, Nongmynsong, Kurnool, Jangareddygudem, Tirupur, Ambarnath, Kaikalur, Thiruvalla, Virudhachalam, Gopalaganj, and Wardha to name a few.

Hirawats Uniforms focuses on online sales of professional uniforms in key industries like healthcare, hospitality, etc, and uniforms for educational institutions. Customization on stitched uniforms such as the feature of embroidery on Medical scrubs, allows interested parties to reach out to a garment designer consultant at hirawatsonline.com and place bulk uniforms orders as per their requirement and budget. Affordability, accessibility, standardization, and inclusivity to uniforms have become the hallmark of the startup.

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