Delhi tech startup Nanosafe Solutions is all set to promote active copper as a weapon for COVID19

Posted On Mon, February 15, 2021, 12:22 PM
AqCure Active copper, a patented product of Nanosafe Solutions, can be used in multiple applications including fabrics, plastics, paints and packaging

New Delhi: With the COVID19 pandemic still largely looming, and a whooping 11,000 new cases reported daily in India, the demand for microbe killing objects and materials are surging. A Delhi based technology startup called Nanosafe Solutions has come up with a copper based technology which can kill all types of microbes including SARS-CoV-2. The technology called AqCure (Cu being abbrevaition of element copper), is based on nanotechology and active copper.

According to different types of materials, Nanosafe Solutions offer active copper products to various polymer and textiles manufacturers as well as cosmetic, paints and packaging firms. Actipart Cu and Actisol Cu are their flagship products in powder form and liquid form respectively which can be used while formulating paint and cosmetics. Other than these, Nanosafe Solutions also have AqCure range of masterbatches suitable for every type of plastic items and Q-pad tex suitable for converting fabrics to antimicrobial.  Overall, their comprehensive copper based products can be used in every type of everyday materials.

Dr. Anasuya Roy, CEO, Nanosafe Solutions said "Till now, 80% of antimicrobial products are imported by India from developed countries. As ardent promoters of indigenous technology, we would like to bring a change to that scenario. Also, we would like to discourage the use of silver based antimicrobial compounds imported from such countries, as silver is a very toxic element. On the other hand, copper is an essential micronutreint having no toxicity issues". 

India is home to many bright young researchers and has developed many cutting-edge technologies in institute and reserach laboratories. But there is no systematic approach to bring those technologies to the commercial marketplace where industries can adopt them. Nanosafe Solutions aims to bridge the gap with a vision aligned with "Atma Nirbhar Bharat". 

NSafe mask, a 50 times reusable antiviral mask and Rubsafe sanitizer, a zero alcohol 24 hour protection sanitizer were products launched by Nanosafe in lockdown times. With such innovative technology based products in their portfolio, Nanosafe Solutions is also looking for raising the next round of investment so that AqCure technology will reach millions faster. 


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