CDE Command Center to power Combo M-Sand Plants

Posted On Sat, February 13, 2021, 11:38 AM

The rising demand for Manufactured Sand as a sustainable and superior substitute for riverine sand is heartening, especially since it indicates that the world is finally waking up to the problem of natural sand shortages. As a true champion of the cause, CDE Asia has spearheaded the installation of plants fitted with revolutionary technology, designed to convert waste to high-grade M Sand, solving problems of dipping availability of natural sand aggregates and leading a significant helping hand towards the waste management crisis caused by unscientific dumping of landfill waste.

Amitpal Singh, HOD,  CDE CustomCare says, "At CDE Asia, we believe in going the extra mile when it comes to customer service. Being a CDE customer means belonging to an ecosystem of comprehensive technological assistance, care, and goodwill. We believe that our customers should be enjoying the optimum benefits of our path-breaking technologies, without the nagging worries of maintenance and inventory planning."

The dedicated CDE Command Centre allows customers to access and control run-time plant data remotely, through a personalised dashboard. Data generated can be used for predictive analysis and closing performance loopholes. Onsite CDE personnel assistance helps in strict adherence to best practices in quality and site maintenance.

The interface facilitates the plants to run at the highest efficiency so that the customers can enjoy maximum returns on investment and complete peace of mind:

Control to the Customer: The thought process is to put the customer in the driver’s seat. Plants are fitted with IoT devices that can capture run-time plant data and present the same to the clients in a personalised dashboard. This data is visible and can be accessible by the customer remotely wherever he is, giving him a sense of control and ease of having future- ready technology by his side round the clock.

•Power of Contact-Free, Remote Management of your CDE plant from anywhere on the planet

•Ease of monitoring cost and efficiencies in real-time

•Reliable assistant for achieving the highest Return on Investment (RoI) on CDE equipment

•Real-time view of technical data for internal analysis

•Customized view of production and plant performance

•Entire fleet viewed at once

•Actionable data made available for differentiation between equipment and operator related issues

Empowered Technology: Not only is the system transparent, but it is also empowering. The data generated can be used for detailed predictive analysis for the plant. Vital trends such as seasonal demand patterns, plant utilisation rate, and plant efficiency can be analysed and used to prepare an MIS report identifying key areas of improvement, thus closing loopholes and maximising plant utilisation.

•Increased productivity with predictive maintenance

•Convenient access to key performance parameters through automated reports, graphs, and quarterly MIS

•Intelligent, pre-emptive sensors designed to trigger timely alarms

Backed by its experience of having successfully installed over 300 plants across the continent, CDE Asia is providing customers an inimitable experience - plants functioning at optimum capacity with extended equipment life and maximum returns amid a safe and smart work environment.

The Annual Maintenance Contracts are crafted keeping in mind the modern result-oriented business owner. These AMC packs enable the customer to get the best out his plant. Its benefits include:

•Plants running at highest capacity - up to 6000 hours every year without glitches

•AMC drives +90% Availability / Uptime

•Minimizes losses due to breakdowns

•Maximizes profit by monitoring and improving Product Yield

•CDE Asia works with the customer’s team to improve its Product-Mix to fetch optimum market value

•Optimizes Cost of Operation

•Protects staff with CDE Safety Features & Advanced Contact-Free Technology

•Increases the life of equipment with CDE Original Spares and Expertise

CDE Asia has spent over a decade as experts in the field of wet equipment processing, pioneering technologies that have revolutionised recycling and waste management. In the words of Mr. Singh, "We want only the best for our customers, as every one of them brings us closer to a world that is smart, safe and sustainable."



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