Hirawats announces "Bahama Blue" & "Dark Green" Coloured Scrubs: A new era for Performance Scrubs

Posted On Fri, October 29, 2021, 3:15 PM
Since 1965, Hirawats has stood firm in the textile market due to its state of the art manufacturing process to supply only premium quality uniforms in different sectors.

After a high success rate of previous scrubs manufactured by Hirawat, Abik & Anik the founders of Hirawats recently announced a new collection for the medical industry. The Bahama blue and dark green coloured scrubs feel and look good to wear on any healthcare professionals.

* Advanced 4way Stretch

The stretchable cloth material of these scrubs makes them stand apart in the market. The unique 4way premium stretch feature means better elasticity. They allow easy mobility while working, which means one can effortlessly extend their hands in both directions.

Thus, these premium medical scrubs will make it convenient for doctors, nurses, and medical students to perform at their best.

* Material: Poly Spandex with Lycra

Style and professionalism look go hand in hand with this marvellous collection. Hirawats scrubs material is a mix of poly-spandex and lycra that helps give the medical uniform a perfect Athleisure Fit.

Knowing the hectic schedule and rigorous working conditions of medical professionals, the company ensures using only lightweight and breathable cloth material that feels ultra-soft on the skin.

Also, the anti-wicking and antimicrobial properties of these scrubs will keep you cool and dry during long shifts by evaporating the moisture away.

* Multiple pockets & Anti-static

As the name goes, dark green and Bahama blue coloured performance scrubs come with multiple pockets to always equip oneself with the right equipment.

What's more? The hospital scrubs are also 100% safe to wear due to the anti-static property of the cloth material used to design them. It means you will be secure from static charges while doing your duty in a harsh environment.

* Available for Men & Women

The half sleeve doctor scrub is available for male and female medical professionals. Hirawats custom-designed the collection, fitting the size and style requirements for both genders.

Your search for high-quality, professional, and skin-friendly medical uniforms ends with Hirawats Brand scrubs.

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