CreditQ: An Application To Check Business Credibility and Report Business Defaulters

Posted On Thu, January 28, 2021, 2:46 PM

CreditQ, an application to help businesses check the creditworthiness of other Businesses. As the name suggests, the CreditQ app helps small and big enterprises understand the financial position of different Businesses in the market through the credit information report.

Many business owners deal with cash crunch while establishing a new business enterprise. For seasoned business professionals, it’s easy to leverage their financial creditworthiness to generate business. However, both the businesses pass through a phase of payment issues. CreditQ not only generates business credit information reports and provides credit scores, similar to the company CIBIL score, but it also works with MSMEs and GSTN holders helping them in payment settlement.

One of the main services offered by the company is listing out the business defaulters with payment issues in the past. One can report their defaulters and get the scope of payment settlement. The other services offered by the company include a membership program and credit information reports, similar to generating a company’s CIBIL report.

There is a dire need for credit reporting agencies in India that can tie up with businessmen to help improve the security of financial health. CreditQ takes on the task of improving the clients’ business visibility and bringing a positive impact on the business.

It offers membership programs at a minimal fee to help its members gain financial transparency through considering various factors that add to the financial growth of the business. It encourages its members and other businessmen in India to use the application and analyze credit history. Businesses with a valid GST registration number can enroll themselves in its membership program.

In India, businesses are generally interested to work with other businesses to upscale their B2B horizon. It is necessary to establish an impactful credit history that speaks a great deal about the business. This platform helps understand the clients’ shortcomings and strong areas that they can leverage for availing credit, especially in the case of a new business.

The company focuses on providing a seamless customer service experience to the CreditQ members and clients through accurate credit information reporting and exposing the defaulters to help businesses gain maximum payment benefits. The application generates the credit information report using a unique credit score calculation algorithm.

Given the ever-changing dynamics of the financial market, the company has carefully built solutions for clients that are in sync with their business requirements. It has gained credibility in the market for its smart outlook towards the financial industry and how it is contributing to the financial aspects of the clients’ businesses. The application is built considering the user behavior, thus, making the app navigation as easy as possible.  

The clients have successfully accepted CreditQ services and solutions, leveraging the benefits of the platform to achieve sound financial health.

About CreditQ Inc.

CreditQ Inc. is the first platform in India, available on the web and app that works with businesses and MSMEs to generate credit information reports and scores, alongside reporting business defaulters and helping in payment settlement.

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