Haier India introduces new energy-efficient CleanCool AC

Posted On Tue, March 09, 2021, 12:16 PM

New Delhi: Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 12 Consecutive Years*, expands its customer-inspired innovative product portfolio by introducing the revolutionary CleanCool all season hot & cold Air Conditioner with Self Clean technology that will take customer convenience to a new level.

The newly launched hot and cold 3-star AC is available in 1.5-ton cooling capacity and comes with Triple Inverter Plus technology that self-adjusts temperature and promises up to 65% energy savings. Compared with conventional inverter technology, Haier Triple Inverter Plus reaches desired temperature a lot quicker and adjusts DC voltage to achieve stable operation between 140V to 264V with ideal voltage control. In remote areas, users can enjoy cool air despite power fluctuations. This technology helps achieve smart control of the air conditioner and, in the meanwhile, maximize comfort, reliability and ensures highly efficient performance.

With Haier’s Self Clean Technology, users can get a complete indoor wet wash with the press of a button. Once you activate the Self Clean feature, a frost is formed on the AC’s evaporator which traps all the dust present on the coil. After some time, the frost melts and washes out all the dirt along with it in the form of Water out of the drain pipe. Through this, you get an actual indoor wet wash and Breathe Clean & Healthy Air.

The new addition to Haier’s range of innovative home appliances also flaunts a standout new feature that enables effective cooling in extreme temperatures. Special design and better conformal coating protect the AC’s components against various elements that reduce its lifespan and helps keep the users cool even at a high temperature of up to 60°C.

Equipped with a Micro Dust Filter, the new CleanCool AC removes dust, bacteria, and airborne virus from the air, protecting users from the risk of falling ill. Moreover, the AC is fitted with the best-in-class motor, optimized fan, and air duct which enable it to blow air as long as 15m. This unique feature helps in cooling the room faster while reaching extreme corners of the room. 

Commenting on the launch of the new AC, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haier, our focus has always been to introduce innovative products that make the lives of our customers convenient. India experiences extreme weather conditions. While it’s hard to imagine summers without air conditioners, having a room heater is also necessary for extreme winters. Hence, we have launched the all-new revolutionary CleanCool air conditioner for all seasons. This AC allows customers to enjoy both summers and winters in the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, the new AC comes equipped with unique features that not only provide clean air but also make it energy efficient. With the introduction of such user-centric products, we are looking at creating a new era of smart technology in the white goods space.”

The all-new CleanCool AC comes with Super Anti-Corrosion Protection which helps in keeping your AC rust-free. The hot & cool all-season AC uses a bluefin which is a blue-coated condenser that protects itself from the accumulation of salt, acid deposits, and water droplets to prevent corrosion. Besides, to make the AC super anti-corrosion, Haier protects the outdoor with a plastic grill.

Haier has time and again introduced innovative appliances that are aimed at improving the evolving lifestyle of its customers while making their lives more convenient. The new addition to the brand’s wide lineup of Air Conditioners is proof of Haier’s commitment to ‘inspired living’ while keeping customers at the core of innovations.

Pricing & Availability:

The all new Haier AC - HSU18CH-TFW3B (INV) will now be available across India at the below price:

HSU18CH-TFW3B (INV) | 3 star | INR 66,000

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