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Posted On Wed, January 20, 2021, 11:43 AM

The year 2020 came up with many ups and down for firms where some faced huge challenges on their way, some came up with new opportunities. Senpex, a delivery service company in San Jose is high on reviews since it has done a commendable job amid this difficult situation. When everyone is cooped inside the doors and had no other ways to avail the grocery or daily use items from the store, Senpex came to the rescue. This company was all-time ready for customers and never delays on delivery service.

When asked by the Sales Manager of the firm, “what motivated them throughout this year?” He replied, “We never thought that we have to go through this deadly situation ever. But our team took this as an opportunity. We worked day and night to facilitate the requirements of our clients. We deliver everything from a needle to grocery items, toothpaste to food items at home without stopping. In fact, after the lockdown, we collaborated with Leanfeast to serve healthy and nutritious food to people. All in all, I can say 2020 was challenging and hard but I really believe if you are doing good deeds, then no one can stop you. I am thankful to every teammate who stands like a rock.”

Well, we can’t ignore the achievement of Senpex this year. It made its name in Qualcomm’s Small Business Accelerator Program. This helped to equipped them with Wi-Fi systems, connected PCs, Bluetooth enabled headsets, mobile phones, active mobile hotspots, and so forth. The list of their achievement does not end here, in fact, it’s quite big. They partnered with the Floral systems for giving new heights to new ventures, collaborated with MetisPro’s Quantic POS Solution to integrate its on-demand delivery, Integrated API with Restaurant Depot’s online marketplace for same-day delivery services. With this, we can conclude “Senpex is on the hit list and becoming a successful brand in the future”.

It is certainly safe to say that when it comes to delivery service in San Francisco, this company is good to go. They have done many successful deliveries and great reviews. Visit the website and check out the reviews, you can find enough information about the firm. 

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Senpex is counted amongst the best courier delivery company renowned for offering timely local delivery services. We are possessed with a dedicated team who leave no stone unturned to offer quality services. It’s been long for us to be a part of the market and we are accommodating ourselves with more and more innovations to stay ahead in the customers’ preference. 


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