Credit Cooperative launched advanced Credit Cooperative Society Software at Affordable Rate

Posted On Wed, January 06, 2021, 5:12 PM
Credit cooperative society software

At the dawn of the New Year 2021, we have launched their highly advanced Credit Cooperative Society Software in India. The software comes with some very advanced features that are essential to manage any cooperative society related business and operations.

The software was developed to make progress for the Society business in India. Society like organizations gets legal approval from the Government authority in India to start their business journey. We are contributing to the cause to guide the industry to the desired growth level.

Most of the cooperative organizations are managing their business works, manually. Lack of availability of the Cooperative Society software had forced them to do so. This way they had to depend on their human workforce to manage their company.

Importance of Society Organizations

Cooperative societies are formed by the members, and they can address the issues of their members. It can be formed for the betterment of agriculture, housing and apartment, fisheries, employees, consumers and many more.

Society Companies are very significant for the poor and underdeveloped sections of the society. Most of the people can’t avail financial services from the general banks as the rules and regulations are hard to maintain. The Societies take care of the members and the assets of the society.

Purpose and Types of Cooperative Society

When a Cooperative Society is formed, they come with some special objectives. As on today, we can distinguish 4 different types of Cooperative Societies by identifying their purposes.

  • Society for the Consumers and Manufacturers

These types of societies are formed to take care of the supply of consumer goods. Consumer Cooperative Societies acquire products directly from the manufacturers and sell them straight to the consumers at legitimate price. This way they can ensure that there are no middlemen require and the full benefits go directly to the consumers and the manufacturers.

  • Cooperative Agricultural Society

In a cooperative agricultural society, farmers are the members. Their objective is to facilitate their members to expand in their cultivation land and utilize modern technology and equipment to get better output.

  • Housing Society

Cooperative Housing Societies are formed by the members of any housing settlement or apartments. They take care of the land, parking area, water supply, electricity for the overall housing complex.

Cooperative Software at Affordable Cost

To facilitate all types of cooperative societies in India, we are offering their latest Credit Cooperative Software at an affordable cost. The price has been reduced to ₹30,000/- (around $410) from the previous rate which was ₹49,000/- (around $700).

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