After Boskiyana with Gulzar , Yashwant Vyas presents "Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan"

Posted On Fri, January 01, 2021, 1:00 PM
On the eve of New Year, Raag Darbari Author Shrilal Shukla's birthday, experimental satirical Stories of POETIC CRIMES

Poet is revered as the purest soul. But what happens when the purity itself finds its solace in the craft of immorality and the JOY OF SIN. Eminent satirist Yashwant Vyas has marvelous answers in his new release Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan. After Boskiyana, the much talked about work with Poet-Filmmaker Gulzar , Yashwant Vyas has come out with UNPARALLELED SATIRE in  Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan on the eve of 2021, which is birthday of legendary ,Raag Darbari fame author late Shrilal Shukla. "Shrilal Shuklaji, wrote preface of my first satirical novel Chintaghar and Kavi ki manohar kahaniyan is the tribute to him," said Yashwant Vyas. " Manohar khaniyan" has become a phrase for crime  and "Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan" are the SINFUL STORIES of this ‘SUPREME SAINT’ POET whose crimes are ‘un-poetically’ poetic. Satire travels with the title itself. 

This Poet alias KAVI who is meant for serving humanity indulges in the "business of humanity" and becomes a highly successful CEO of his "enterprise". Masterful storytelling is behind each and every short story. KAVI becomes anchor,thanedaar to pocketmaar, and what not as he has to run his corporation of anti-ethics. Dedicated to legendary poets Nagarjun, Dhoomil and Muktibodh, this book is an experiment with craft in satire to reveal the contemporary truth.

This is an experiment under Khataakk Fiction series, which is also an experiment. Khataakk means instant and it is to present off-beat  content to Read-Listen and Watch,  in collaboration with digital and print. Yashwant Vyas is eminent author who has written two awarded novels, two best seller books on cinema, two titles on language journalism apart from satire collections. We found the stories of Kavi ki Manohar Kahaniyan  SUPERBLY SUCCINCT and thus started the Khataakk series with it on the eve of the new year 2021. 

Kavi Ki Manohar Kahaniyan- the book  is available online from now on. Podcast and other platforms are proposed to be initiated from 14 January.

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