Centrend Launches Video Podcast to Share Technology Tips

Posted On Wed, December 30, 2020, 10:49 AM
Centrend, a Worcester IT company, launches video podcast to share technology tips with medium- to small-sized businesses and remote workers.

USA - The IT environment for today’s mid- to small-size businesses is fraught with peril. Ensuring a secure environment for remote workers, video meetings, cloud backups and keeping computers in good working order are but a small sample of the issues facing today’s businesses. Centrend, a Worcester, MA-based IT firm, recently launched a video podcast to address these and many other IT concerns that businesses face.

Hosted by Centrend Owner Paul LaFlamme, “Technology Tips by Centrend” launched its first episode in November, How to Troubleshoot and Fix Problems in Zoom Meeting, last month.  Subsequent episodes have covered the topics of phishing and ways to improve your typing skills.

“We want to cover the topics that impact computer users on a day-to-day basis. That’s why it seemed a natural to cover video calls on Zoom,” said LaFlamme, who started Centrend in 2005. “As we grow the podcast, we’ll cover an even broader range of topics with short videos in the five-minute range so it’s not too time-consuming for viewers but always useful.”

Currently, Technology Tips by Centrend can be found on the company’s YouTube station at https://bit.ly/2KK5kZR and on the company’s website at https://www.centrend.com/index.php/blog.

With offices in both Worcester and Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Centrend provides on-site Information Technology (IT) managed services and consulting to business customers throughout New England. Those customers include companies in the manufacturing, real estate, finance, insurance, legal, non-profit, construction and hospitality industries.

“We hear about any number of issues from our customers every single day,” said LaFlamme. “While you don’t want anybody to have problems with their computer, it does give us a great idea on what to cover in the podcast so users can avoid common problems.”

In addition to its medium- and small-business customers, Centrend has a home consumer division, Whiz Kid Support. Material for future podcasts will also include the issues impacting many remote workers and home-based businesses.

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