Open Naukri Offer Career Counselling In India For Those Doing Preparation For Civil Services

Posted On Wed, December 23, 2020, 5:29 PM
Career Counselling in India For Government Exam Preparation

The competition for civil services exam has increased many folds over the years which makes it tougher to clear the exam. The difficulty level of exam is also very high that demands the right attitude and preparation to crack it. The process of selection includes prelim, mains and interview, which is again a tough 3-phase to clear, most of the students who are able to clear preliminary and mains exam, are unable to clear the interview. This explains it all. Some opt for coaching classes and some decide on self-study, but none choose to take career counselling for civil services, which is an important aspect that aspirants miss on. Career guidance is important for all, for all civil services aspirants too.

In-country like India, where most of the graduates seek a government job. Career counselling online has its own role that students and parents need to realize. Preparation of India's toughest exam, Civil Services exam, does need right guidance and counselling. There are many students who do not plan for their goal and keep investing years in the preparation of Civil Services, they do not know how to get government job they like in the best way. On not getting the jobs of their choice students to get disheartened and end up trapped in depression. To keep students safe from all such worse situations, Open Naukri is offering career counselling online for students at all levels of education. Career counselling for civil services is also offered to help aspirants have a plan in hand before they jump into the journey.

We believe there are students that can afford career counselling and there are those who cannot, so we also promote free online career counselling for students who cannot afford it. You aim for a government job, we are here to help you with career counselling free.

There are many who might still do not feel the need and importance of career counselling for civil services, they must ask themselves a few questions before landing at an opinion. Why do you want to appear for Civil services exams? Why you choose the optional subject that you choose? Are you a good fit for civil services? Is it your dream or your parents? How many years did you need to clear this exam? What is your plan of action? What are the duties of a Civil servant? What post are you targeting?
You are thinking about it now!! That's why you need an expert's help.

We have career counselling process which includes career assessment, career counselling online test where we gather important information about students, an aptitude test, psychometric test were required and a detailed report about the candidate, followed with a counselling session with a concerned counsellor. Our experts have answers to all your questions, you just need to open up and ask your doubts and concerns.

One-to-one career counselling online has proved effective for many, so why you are not the one to get benefited with this service. Apart from taking career counselling, you must start preparing for CSE as soon as you realize the civil services of your aim in life. A few preparation tips that will help you, read daily newspapers, don't skip banking and financial news, practice your aptitude and reasoning skills, work on your language skills, practice writing your opinions on various topics, read editorials and opinions in the newspaper, use NCERT books as the base, work on sharpening your concepts. These are a few things that every aspirant must do, while the remaining ideal things you will get to know from the counsellor.

If you have doubts about the choice you made, don't hesitate to talk to a career counsellor. Understand the need for getting your queries answered to make the right career decisions. At this time, when pandemic has hit the world, opportunities are less and you need to make sure you get a place somewhere. Don't stay back, take a career counselling online for a planned preparation, knowing yourself and your capabilities, knowing the scope of the field that you choose, for better decision making, and having a bright future.

Open Naukri is helping students by guiding them and counselling them. Our experts have years of experience in guiding students. We welcome you to meet our experts over a call and let them help you in finding your right fit career and making you better at problem-solving and decision making. The choice is yours! we welcome you with open arms always.

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