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Posted On Sat, December 05, 2020, 3:46 PM
After establishing itself as a highly reputed PR agency in India, Public Media Solution enters into advertising by launching its first Advertising Agency in Pune.

The company aims at using the knowledge of the market’s nerve in several industries to become one of the most successful advertising agencies in Pune. The new agency is dedicated to catering to businesses from within and outside the city of Pune.

The advertising team of Public Media Solution is looking forward to taking their role as a noted digital marketing agency in India a step forward, encouraging the potential customers of brands of all operational scales and belonging to all industries.

As an up and coming advertising agency in Pune, Public Media Solution offers the following services to businesses, digital and otherwise:

Account Management Services

The team of skilled account managers makes sure that every client is handled in the most organized and effective manner. They ensure healthy and effective communication with the clients for every step taken and every decision made.

Moreover, the Account Executives work closely with the clients to develop a wholesome and personalized advertising strategy to meet all their goals and objectives.

Creative Services

Public Media Solution claims to have gained a fair deal of creativity during its tenure as a successful PR agency. The creative team helps the clients come up with the most innovative, persuading, and engaging ads that cater to the specific needs and preferences of the concerned target audience and sometimes go with Press Release as per client requirement.

Whether it is writing creative copies, designing layouts, making illustrations, or crafting perfect ad messages, the creative team always presents ideas that are out of the box, without relying on generalized first thoughts.

Advertising Research

Advertising is baseless without comprehensive research and its best selection of Responsibilities. As a new advertising agency in Pune, the team of ad experts conducts thorough research of the market the clients function in and the peers they compete with.

The team of experts at Public Media Solution possesses good business acumen and market knowledge to understand the specific needs of a market and gauging the feasibility of an ad campaign working in the said market.

Good research on the market leaders and competitors provides the client with the market hacks and strategies used by their peers to advertise their products and services. This would help the clients learn from the competitors’ mistakes and include the strategies that work.

Media Planning Services

Once an advertisement and Content Writing Services has been created and a campaign is designed, the team of media planners will assist clients in choosing the most suitable media platforms to showcase their ads.

The team will chart out a detailed plan dedicated to the number of media platforms to be used, the time for which they would be used, the amount of media space to be bought, and all other necessary considerations.

Instead of spreading the brand thin and choosing every media platform, the team of media planners believes in choosing the right traditional and digital media platforms and making the most of the same.

PR Services

After launching an advertising agency in Pune, Public Media Solution plans to continue its tenure as a successful PR agency by blending their PR services with advertising. This provides wholesome marketing services to clients and helps them gain maximum traction.

While the advertising services will encourage maximum prospects to purchase the clients’ products and services, PR services will focus on communicating the essence of the brand to the public and maintaining a positive image in the market.

As it ventures into advertising, Public Media Solution aims at helping all its clients to provide the best buying experiences to their respective customers.

Public Media Solution is a noted digital marketing agency in India, most popular for its PR services. Based in Pune, the company provides services in the field of public relations, search engine optimization, web development, and e-commerce for companies across the globe. 

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