The 12th edition of the hit franchise, MTV Splitsvilla X2 starts on 16th August

Posted On Fri, August 09, 2019, 12:00 AM

In the world of online dating,the idea of romance is nuanced, the search for love is custom-made and it’s all about the ease of a swipe! Yet, the struggle to find the ideal match continues. Imagine being able to filter out your choices live? To be able to choose your Mr./Ms. Right bereft of the mobile screen? Redefining matchmaking coupled with technology, MTVbrings the 12th edition of themarquee dating-reality franchise, MTV SplitsvillaX2 Co-powered by AloFrut Juice, Manforce, Denver Deodorants, and Vega Hair Styling appliances. Starting 16th August, on a new timeslot, every Friday at 7PM, the showwill provide the ‘dating app’ derived experience on ground, through a unique theme, “Your Best Shot at Love”.Marking their fifth year with this season, the ever-gorgeous Sunny Leone andthe charming Rannvijay Singhaare back as hosts to sway everyone with their charm and be the perfect mentors for the contestants.

Shot across the picturesque landscapes of the pink city Jaipur, MTV Splitsvilla X2 will have 10 girls and 15 boys enter the real-life version of the dating app world. Basis scientific data, these 10 girls will have their ideal matches determinedand with the help of various personality filters theywill get the privilege to find their suitable partners. Amidst a series of grueling challenges, the potential matches will battle it out in front of the Oracle, an AI-powered entity to determine the fate of their relationships.

But, nothing worth having comes easy, not even your ‘Ideal Match’! The search to find the right one will be tougher as the absolute power will rest with “The Chosen Ones”.Conceptualized for the first time, ‘The Chosen Ones’, will elevate the competitive spirit amongst the couples by throwing unexpected twists and turns.Thetheme “Your Best Shot at Love” will empower the contestants to surpass the physical, emotional and intellectual complexities and find the love of their lives.

Speaking about the launch of Splitsvilla X2,Sunny Leone commented, “With every season of Splitsvilla, I look forward to the new set of contestants, theme and a new chapter of love and romance. The 12th edition of Splitsvillabrings the new age dating apps andtechniques, taking us closer to the world of millennial love.Rannvijay and I are super excited to start this new journey and guide the young lovers at every possible step. Splitsvilla X2 will be about all things love, but with a ‘virtual’ twist.”

Rannvijay Singha, while expressing his excitement for the 12th season said, “In today’s day and age, social media mirrors the way of life and plays a strong role in influencing perceptions. With Splitsvilla X2, we are bringing a unique representation of modern-day love through the dating app derived experience and incorporating multiple new-age elements. This season is going to be about love, trust, loyalty, combined with everything that’s millennial. Sunny and I will encourage the contestants to give their best shot at loveand mentor them in every possible way through challenges.”

With an abundance of love,fightsand lotof drama, MTV Splitsvilla X2 promises you the most dramatic and nail-biting moments throughout the season. Get ready for the ultimate test of compatibility with MTV SplitsvillaX2 Co-powered by AloFrut Juice, Manforce, Denver Deodorants, and Vega Hair Styling appliances, starting 16th August, on a new timeslot, every Friday at 7PM only on MTV.

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